10 Best Halloween Movies On Disney+ According To IMDb, Ranked


Disney+ has plenty of specials, series, and movies perfect for the spooky season. To make it easier to find this type of content, the streaming service has created a collection filled with its fall-themed content. Many of these films are nostalgic for older audiences, as they would air annually on the Disney Channel to celebrate Halloween.

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Many movies still hold up to this day, with some being bold enough to use darker story elements and imagery guaranteed to scare audiences away. All content is G, PG, or PG-13, so the whole family can enjoy these movies together.

ten Frankenweenie is a sweet story of a boy and his dog (6.9)

Frankenweenie is heavily inspired by Frankenstein, and takes a risk by making the film entirely in black and white. It pays off, as the aesthetic makes the visuals much scarier. Secondary characters and monsters are also inspired by classic monster movies.

Instead of creating life to create life, Victor Frankenstein just wanted his best friend back. He manages to resuscitate his dog in a memorable scene because of the joyful reunion. Many fans could relate to Victor’s desire to breathe new life into his pet.

9 Hocus Pocus is a nostalgic piece from many people’s childhood (6.9)

Many fans grew up watching Hocus Pocus every Halloween season. The film follows a group of children on the run from a trio of mistakenly resurrected witches. In order to stay alive and regain their youth, witches must drain a child’s life force.

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What makes this movie so funny is seeing the witches struggle to adapt to the modern world in just one night. The actresses playing these roles gave their all and had fun like never before. The movie was so enjoyable that it’s no surprise that so many fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel.

8 Bed knobs and brooms have Mary Poppins charm (7.0)

In Bed knobs and brooms, an apprentice witch learning magic at a correspondence school is forced to foster three children during the Battle of Britain. They join in his search to get his latest spell for substitute locomotion, using a magic bed button that allows their bed to travel anywhere.

A Disney classic, Bed knobs and brooms is a film with a lot of unique charm. The effects hold up really well, and his spell that animates an entire armor army creates the best scene in the film.

seven Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Has One of the MCU’s Greatest Villains (7.0)

Although this film does not take place during Halloween like Wanda Vision Is, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness was directed by Sam Raimi, a master of horror who relishes the ability to blend Marvel flair with his patented “spook-a-blast” style. Elizabeth Olsen’s portrayal of Wanda Maximoff has been hailed as one of Phase 4’s best villains, and for good reason.

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Although audiences are sorry for the loss of Wanda, Wanda is still a scary villain. She looks directly at the camera several times, as if she knows the audience is there, which makes the film even scarier. The way she moves when she pops off reflective surfaces and during her relentless pursuit of America Chavez seems completely inhuman.

6 Cruella is Disney’s Best Live-Action Adaptation (7.3)

Many fans consider Cruel as the best live-action adaptation Disney has released. It strays away from the original story it was based on and focuses on the titular character, who is no longer a villain in this interpretation. The actors and the story are fantastic, and the film manages to be both dark and comedic.

Cruella’s outrageous fashion designs are easily some of the best elements of the film because they are so creative and aesthetically pleasing. Although the story elements are so ridiculous it’s hard to believe, like turning Dalmatians into mean attack dogs, the movie is still a lot of fun.

5 Monsters University teaches valuable life lessons (7.3)

monster university is the prequel to Monsters Inc., and while it may not have been as well received as the original film, this college story manages to be inspiring. Mike Wazowski dreamed of becoming a Scarer since he was a child, and when he is accepted to Monsters University, he works his best, but is actually unable to meet the standards of the Scare program.

After being kicked out alongside James Sullivan, the two take jobs in the Monsters Inc. mailroom and move up. The film shows that life doesn’t always go according to plan, but that there are different paths to success. Watching Mike and Sullivan scare off the camp counselors is also satisfying because it shows how far they’ve come.

4 Edward Scissorhands is both comical and dark (7.9)

Edward Scissorhands tells the fantastic story of Edward, an artificial human with scissors for his hands because his creator died before he could finish him. Edward is taken in by a friendly suburban mother and comically tries to adjust to “normal” life. He struggles to adapt, as many people regard his hands as a curse, despite his skills in hedge trimming and ice carving.

After a series of misunderstandings, the neighbors turn against him and Edward is forced to return to his mansion. As typical of Tim Burton’s works, Edward Scissorhands‘ The visuals are stunning and provide a great contrast between Edward’s gothic appearance and the bright and colorful neighborhood he is in.

3 The Nightmare Before Christmas has a fantastic take on a spooky Christmas (7.9)

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best-known Halloween movie for children. His music is just as memorable as the story itself, as there aren’t many popular songs that are sure to stick in the minds of the public. Jack Skellington’s infatuation with Christmas is easy to understand, as people often dream of a different life.

After kidnapping Santa Claus and taking on the task of delivering presents, Jack’s dark version of Christmas is not well received. Considering the dangerous gifts Jack left for the children, most viewers have never felt happier receiving socks for Christmas.

2 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl created an icon of modern cinema (8.1)

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a perfect Halloween movie, with cursed immortal pirates who take on a skeletal appearance in the moonlight. Of all the pirate crews introduced in the series, this one was by far the most intimidating because it made ordinary ship work unnaturally scary.

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The film is an adventure and a comedy, with Johnny Depp perfectly cast as Jack Sparrow. The cinematography and excellent music made the story feel like one big adventure, and even the romance was engaging. There were so many genres and story elements in the film, which all worked well together.

1 Monsters, Inc. makes fear fun (8.1)

Monsters Inc. perfectly plays off the popular childhood belief that monsters live in the closet. In this film, monsters must harvest the cries of children in order to provide their civilization with the energy needed to power the city of Monstropolis. Monsters use magic doors that allow them to enter a child’s room through the closet, sneak up on children and scare them.

When a child walks through a door and enters Monstropolis, the world of monsters is threatened. Although the movie isn’t actually scary, it wasn’t meant to be. Monsters Inc. focuses more on the growing bond between Sullivan and Boo, which is really heartwarming.

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