10 Grey’s Anatomy storylines that came to nothing


Grey’s Anatomy is the longest running medical drama and one of the longest running television series. The show, whose title refers to the mid-1800s anatomy textbook, premiered on ABC in 2005. Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its 18th season, and has already been renewed for a 19th season.

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The cast contains 13 members, only three of whom are from the original cast. Since its inception, a few spin-off series have been created, such as Private Practice and the current series Post 19. Also since its creation, Grey’s Anatomy featured some of the most incredible plot points that only ruined the show.

ten Izzie quits abruptly after merger

Izzie Stevens worried

As rumors spread that Katherine Heigl’s sudden departure from Grey’s Anatomy It’s because she’s hard to live with, Heigl denies this and states it’s because she became a mother for the first time. After the show reveals that Izzie has terminal brain cancer, she quickly marries Alex Karev.

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Meredith and Derek give Alex and Izzie their huge wedding due to Izzie’s terminal diagnosis. Miraculously, Izzie survives and beats cancer, but not without Richard Webber firing her shortly after returning to work at the start of the Seattle Grace, Mercy West merger. As a result, she irrationally blames Alex when she learned that he had expressed concerns about her health. She leaves him leaving a note at work. She makes a brief return a few episodes later, only to leave when Alex refused to reconcile.

9 The Goosebumps of Denny’s Return as a Ghost

Izzie begs Denny to cut the LVAD wire

The story between Izzie and her fiancé Denny Duquette is one of the worst storylines in Grey’s Anatomy the story. Izzie falls in love with her patient Denny while he waits for a heart transplant. To make sure Denny gets a new heart quickly, Izzie cuts her L-VAD wire. Denny proposes to Izzie and receives a heart transplant. However, he suddenly dies of a stroke before they even have their first date. Denny later appears as a ghost when Izzie and Alex are a couple and they reunite in a creepy way. In more ways than one. Turns out Izzie was hallucinating Denny. It was one of the symptoms she had due to the cancer spreading to her brain. Although this reunion was meant as fan service, it ended up being a useless and weird reunion that no one asked for.

8 The Jane Doe falls in love with Alex

Jane Doe in Grey's Anatomy

Why do all the crazy stories involve Alex, Izzie or both? Alex encounters a pregnant woman crushed by a cement pylon, whom he transports to the hospital. When the woman wakes up, she’s classified as Jane Doe because she can’t remember her name or anything in her life. She finally chooses the name Ava. Ava bonds with Alex and the two fall in love. However, when Ava’s memory returns, fans learn that her real name is Rebecca and her husband arrives to take her home. She reluctantly leaves with him much to Alex’s disappointment. Later in the series, Rebecca returns to be with Alex. She unfortunately has a hysterical pregnancy and a mental breakdown that drives her to attempt suicide.

seven Derek and Rose’s brief back-and-forth relationship

Derek and Rose in Grey's Anatomy

The brief relationship between Derek and his nurse Rose, who worked on 36 surgeries with him before the pair made eye contact, was just a waste of time. Derek and Rose only go on a few dates, but Derek is obviously still interested in Meredith throughout their relationship. Derek kisses Meredith after saving their first clinical trial patient and has to break up with Rose. Rose takes the breakup well at first, but later claims she’s pregnant and is furious at Derek for leading her on.

6 The random appearance of Mark Sloan’s daughter

Mark Sloan's daughter in Grey's Anatomy

While fans know Derek aka McDreamy, they can’t forget Mark Sloan aka McSteamy. Mark, who is the tallest player in the series, finds out he has a daughter. Fans weren’t really surprised. Her name is Sloan Riley. Seriously.

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Sloan discovers that Mark is his biological father and runs to him when his mother kicks her out because she is 18 and pregnant. After numerous pregnancy complications, Sloan gives her baby to a Washington couple, knowing Mark was desperate to raise the baby. Sloan is one of the least likeable guest characters in Grey’s for his timid state of mind and his coarse tendencies.

5 The Strange Adventure with George and Meredith

grays anatomy ellen pompeo meredith george knight

While Meredith and Derek are by far the best-known couple in Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith also has a strange fling with her roommate, George. After Derek gets back together with Addison and Meredith confronts her father after 25 years, she is extremely sad. George notices him and confesses his love for him. Meredith and George sleep together, but both realize it was a bad decision and immediately regret it. The pair slowly rebuild their friendship after that uncomfortable night, but George tragically dies later in the series.

4 Miranda Bailey’s OCD diagnosis no longer mentioned

Miranda Bailey Board of Directors

Miranda Bailey is one of the original cast members of Grey’s Anatomy and appeared in nearly 400 episodes. Her strict personality is introduced to viewers when the interns arrive at the hospital in the first season. She is one of the best surgeons Gray Sloan has ever seen and later becomes Chief of Surgery.

In the ninth season, an investigation takes place after three of his patients die from an infection. Bailey begins exhibiting strange behaviors, such as washing her hands and pulling her fingers. She is soon diagnosed with OCD. Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t touch much at this plot point after the episode airs.

3 Alex goes to Kansas to get back together with Izzie

Alex Karev first day season 1

Yet another plot point from Alex Karev that just doesn’t make sense. Justin Chambers, who spent 16 years as Grey’s Anatomy cast member, abruptly quits the show to diversify his acting roles.”There’s no good time to say goodbye to a series and a character that has defined my life so much over the past 15 years,” Chambers said in a January statement. “However, for some time I have been hoping to diversify my acting roles and my career choices,” Chambers said in an interview with Hollywood journalist.

Alex leaves his current wife Jo and decides to return to his old flame Izzie, in Kansas. Viewers learn that Izzie used frozen embryos and currently has 5-year-old twins with Alex. This departure came out of nowhere because Alex was very happy with Jo and wanted to start a life with her.

2 Jackson and Maggie’s relationship as half-siblings

Jackson and Maggie in Grey's Anatomy

Maggie Pierce is the biological daughter of Ellis Gray and Richard Webber, which makes her Meredith’s half-sister, but the pair clash first. Maggie is Co-Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. After the tragic death of his adoptive mother, Jackson comforts Maggie, which leads to a relationship.

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Although Jackson is most recognized for his relationship with April. What’s even weirder is that Maggie’s biological father, Richard, is married to Jackson’s biological mother, Katherine, making the couple half-siblings. It’s hard to ignore.

1 What exactly is the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy?

Callie sings in the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy fans have different opinions on the musical episode. After Callie crashes through her windshield in a car crash, she suddenly starts…singing? The episode, which is titled Song under the song, features various cast members bursting into song during serious plot moments. The episode, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, includes covers of songs like The Fray’s “How To Save a Life” and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.” It’s almost as bad as Riverdalethe musical episode of. Almost.

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