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Komi can’t communicate is a popular shojo-style shonen series that takes place in a regular high school, Itan Senior High. The students aren’t that ordinary, however, and that includes the popular Ice Queen, Shoko Komi herself. Or rather, Shoko’s classmates think she is a distant ice queen who is above everyone else.

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In fact, Shoko Komi is terribly shy and modest, and she has never had a true friend before. Now she has her simple but kind classmate Hitohito Tadano to support her, and Shoko has started her quest to make 100 friends and reinvent her social life before graduation. Overall, Shoko has a comfortable and happy life, but Shoko Komi still faces some harsh realities, or at least some inconvenience.

ten Shoko Komi has a communication disorder

Many of the worst aspects of Shoko Komi’s life can be traced back to her communication disorder and, of course, this communication disorder itself is a major harsh reality that Shoko has to contend with. The whole plot of Komi can’t communicate depends on what disorder is his.

Shoko finds it very difficult to talk to other people, even over the phone, let alone face to face, and this has negatively impacted his otherwise ordinary life in many ways.

9 Shoko Komi didn’t have any friends growing up

This is one of the many aspects of Shoko Komi’s communication disorder, and for a very long time no one realized that Shoko was miserably alone as a child. As far as Hitohito Tadano can tell, Shoko grew up without any friends, while other boys and girls her age easily formed friendships all around her.

Since Shoko didn’t have any friends growing up, she has no experience with the process of making friends, which creates a vicious feedback loop that keeps her social circle at 0. This also means that Shoko doesn’t. he has no good childhood memories of playing with friends, going to sleepovers, etc.

8 Shoko Komi still has no friends

Shoko Komi didn’t have any friends as a child, and now in high school she still doesn’t have any friends, which isn’t something she’s happy about. Shoko wants to make her first friends, but at the start of her high school career, it seemed impossible. Everyone around her already had friends, and they hadn’t taken the time to take care of Shoko.

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It’s okay to have at least a few friends in high school, some of whom might be childhood friends. Shoko can only watch the friends around her hang out and maybe envy them.

seven Shoko Komi can’t easily help strangers

Over time, Shoko Komi has struggled with the harsh realities of her life and built a social life which is good. Yet she only takes small steps and her problems won’t go away overnight. This includes Shoko’s difficulty helping ordinary strangers on the streets.

Komi is naturally a generous and helpful person, but it is not easy for her to express it through her actions and especially her words. Komi often panics if someone asks her for a little help or if she spots someone who needs help, and someone else might end up taking care of things instead.

6 Shoko Komi cannot easily place orders in restaurants and other establishments

Shoko Komi enjoys visiting restaurants and cafes like everyone else, but it is not that easy for her to order there. Hitohito and the bustling Najimi Osana may order just fine, but Komi will eventually wave to the waiter or barista, and her message won’t always get through.

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Sometimes the employee can just guess what Shoko Komi wants, and Komi has to accept whatever the waiter brings him. Other times, Shoko might panic at the local cafe and retreat without placing any orders. Having an afternoon coffee can be a real challenge for some customers.

5 Shoko Komi cannot easily participate in class

Shoko is a smart girl and a serious student, so her grades are pretty good. However, she has a hard time when her teachers want her to read a passage from the textbook aloud due to her communication disability. Even though Shoko doesn’t speak for herself, she still has a hard time pronouncing the words.

This means that Shoko probably won’t impress her teachers, and they might get a bad impression of Shoko if she doesn’t answer questions or read aloud a passage from the textbook. At least she can timidly write the answer to a question on the board, then hurry back to her seat.

4 Shoko Komi cannot easily participate in the performing arts

Itan Secondary School regularly holds a school-wide cultural festival, which may include stage performances, such as performances of Cinderella Where Romeo and Juliet, among other favorites. Shoko Komi has the beauty of portraying any princess on stage, but talking about her lines is the real challenge.

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Shoko is always encouraged to participate in the theater, but even if she memorizes her lines, pronouncing them won’t be easy and the audience will soon get impatient with her, which will only make Shoko’s anxiety worse. Then again, Shoko’s friends like Hitohito can adapt to Shoko’s difficulties and improvise a solution to satisfy the audience.

3 Shoko thinks her mom is weird in front of her friends

shuko komi

Shoko’s mother, Shuko Komi, is a lively and cheerful woman who claims to be 17 years old for all eternity. Beauty aside, mother and daughter are quite different, and things get weirdly awkward when Shoko finally begins to bring friends into the Komi house.

Shuko warmly welcomes all the guests and is delighted that Shoko has finally made some friends. Shuko even tells him “I’m 17!” routine to Shoko’s friends, with a peace sign, and Shoko silently begs his mother to stop being so stupid.

2 Yanderes like Ren Yamai go too far for Shoko Komi’s sake

Even the pleasant world of Komi can’t communicate has a resident yandere, a character who goes too far to express his possessive and zealous love for someone else. The local yandere is a popular girl named Ren Yamai, who regards Shoko Komi as a princess who must be protected from the peasant masses.

Ren Yamai thinks she is doing Shoko a favor, but in truth, Ren often makes Shoko uncomfortable, and Shoko doesn’t like the idea of ​​someone else deciding who she should be friends with or not. . Ren was forced to come to terms with this reality, and she toned down her yandere antics. But only slightly.

1 Shoko Komi has particular rivals like Yadano Makeru

Makeru Yadano komi

Despite being a calm and modest girl, Shoko Komi still has a few rivals, all of whom are one-sided rivals. In most of the scenes, Shoko has to face the pink-haired Yadano Makeru, who appeared at the beginning of the story and declared herself Shoko’s eternal rival. Shoko was stunned but didn’t object.

Now, Shoko has to put up with the tireless Makeru pestering her and making everything a fierce competition, from sports festival performances to school grades and even physical measurements, including eyesight. Shoko was not ready to have her own Katsuki Bakugo.

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