10 Reasons Fans Still Watch Grey’s Anatomy, According to Reddit


Grey’s Anatomy had its ups and downs. And there are maybe a dozen episodes that even superfans wouldn’t rewatch if they had the choice. But the show itself is an evolving and changing being – it infuses new information and alters its DNA to respond to the ever-changing cultural context of American television and life.

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Grey’s has been renewed for an amazing 19th season (per The Hollywood Reporter) and while many fans want the doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital to hang up their scrubs, Redditors and longtime viewers disagree. Fans voiced their opinions in a thread titled “Is anyone still watching Grey’s because they like it?” and the answers were right.


It’s like having an “aggravating brother”

Cristina, Meredith and Izzie in a patient's room in Grey's Anatomy

Many fans said they still love Grey’s Anatomy or at least enjoy listening. Other people’s answers are more like ‘UltraCrankster’s. They wrote: “To me, being a long time Grey’s Watcher is like having a really annoying brother. You want to cut them off, but you have this long history with them and you still remember what it was. was when they were young and fun, so you tolerate them in your house once a week.

Grey’s worked particularly hard to achieve a family feeling in a season 18 episode, as the doctors campaigned to keep their residency program going. Still, whatever happens in the future of University Hospital, at least Grey’s Anatomy has an extended family of loyal fans to drive the series forward.

It became a habit

Grey's Anatomy's first interns receive Bailey's orders

Hobgoblin_deluxe hit the nail on the head with their assessment, reminding fellow Redditors that sometimes a precious ritual is worth the occasional disappointment. They said, like most fans, they keep watching Grey’s “Because it’s a habit and you’ve watched it for so long, so you might as well stick with the Cockamamie show for the rest of its absurd run.”

Another user agreed that the quality could be unpredictable; doodledandy1273 shared, “I always look forward to Thursday nights for new episodes […]but sometimes I’m disappointed.”

It’s their comfort show

April laying her head on Jackson's shoulder in Grey's Anatomy

Some users had more sentimental reasons to keep up with the show throughout its double-digit seasons. GreenStaples wrote: “Always loved it and still do. I rewatch the whole show starting from the beginning every once in a while. This is my comfort show. Yeah there are times when I don’t don’t like what’s happening on the show but I’ve never hated it.”

It may seem obvious to someone not to watch a show they hate. Yet another user gave helpful advice for anyone in this predicament. For fans who still care about the fate of the characters and the series’ ultimate destination but don’t have the energy to wait, gobux10 gave some sound advice, “If you don’t like watching it, but you’re watching anyway because you’re invested and want to see how it ends, stop watching now and pick it up in the final season. “

17 years ago of sunk costs

Bailey shows the interns around the hospital in Grey's Anatomy

Acrobatic_Tourist_80 pointed out what any good binge-watcher might think: they’ve come this far before and would feel like quitters if they threw in the towel with a potential end in sight. They wrote, “I’ve already spent months binge-watching. I’m not going to stop now.”

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Others have calculated the considerable time that Grey’s took in their lifetime – including the inevitable rewatch or re-binge of the early golden seasons. One person admitted that even though they don’t enjoy the show anymore, they are still caught up in season 18. “I watch it because I invested 17 years of my life in it and I feel obligated.” slusky wrote.

It reminds them of their childhood

An image of Callie smiling at Meredith as the two sit at Joe's Bar in Grey's Anatomy

The fans who started watching Grey’s when they were young may think the show helped them grow. And baguette3rrlustt shared on the thread, “I still love the show. I watched it with my grandma when I was a kid and she lives a lot further away from me now, so it gives me a lot of good feelings when I watch. “

Now that so many seasons of Grey’s are on Netflix, it’s also great to tap into specific episodes that bring up old memories – a favorite boating accident, a love story, or a stand-in that had the whole family laughing. Viewers can relive special moments anytime, and follow major Meredith Gray storylines on TV every Thursday.

It’s like watching a car crash

Plane crash Meredith from Grays Anatomy

This metaphor makes perfect sense, especially given the events of season 18, including Owen Hunt in a totaled car telling dangerous secrets to a certain Irish surgeon. SurferRosa85 chimed in on the wire, saying, “I’m screwing up at this point,” describing the show as “an awful wreck that I can’t stop staring at.” A user on a similar thread, -Lavenderwrote: “It’s like a train wreck.”

It is certainly true that her many ruinous wrecks have kept Grey’s on the air, including a car that crashes into Joe’s bar, a train wreck from Season 2, and of course, the unspeakable plane wreckage from Season 8. But, despite it all, viewers continue to log in. It may therefore be safe to say that being a Grey’s fan inevitably requires a certain propensity for thoughtlessness and even a penchant for disasters.

There are relationships between women

From Callie and Arizona to Carina and, well, anyone, Grey’s has had skin in the women-loving women’s game since the spark in Torres Season 4 with Erica Hahn. monkeylexie – whose username might even be inspired by one of the show’s most worthy characters of all time, Ms. Lexie Gray – wrote that they’ve been going since they “enjoy wlw flings/relationships” , and alliewoahh OK.

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Season 18 even broke through network television barriers and featured a blossoming romance between Amelia Shepherd and Dr. Kai Bartley, the series’ first recurring non-binary character (per New roses).

Some of the best acting and storylines came late in the show

On a similar Reddit thread posted 11 months earlier, users also came together to answer the question; what holds Grey’s fans coming back all these years later? maricopa888 says one of the reasons is “hope”, explaining, “I do [fast-forward] for most of season 17, because I’m bored with no mind. But… it’s also true that 2 of my favorite episodes of all time took place in [Season 17] – Jackson and his father, then Japril. Some of the best actors on the entire show!” This fan would no doubt benefit from a potential Jackson and April spin-off from Grey’s.

A user on the same thread was encouraged by the recent politically informed stories and respects Grey’s to tackle the issues that divide the real world. incongruous monster wrote: “One thing I always love is how they highlight the injustices happening in the real world – lack of insurance and access to health care for the poor; COVID – all the political BS surrounding it and how it has disproportionately affected POC; racial injustice, the George Floyd protests and how the police have become unnecessarily violent with peaceful protesters; etc.”

They are too invested in the characters

Owen, Derek, Mark and Callie standing looking at scans in Grey's Anatomy x-ray room

Many fans interacting on these Reddit posts shared the same feelings of closeness to the characters and emotional investment unlike what they experienced with other TV shows. User Breadcrumb-Forest didn’t seem bothered by the number of loved ones Grey’s characters who have left the long-running series, sharing, “my favorite character is still on the show, so I’m happy to keep watching.” Of course, there are certainly plenty of loyal fans who know the show can’t go on without Meredith Grey.

Once93 pretty much sums it up by commenting, “The characters. Too invested.” Starry glare wrote that watching new seasons is “similar to following your friends on social media”.

They wanna see how it all ends

Meredith reunites with Derek in her dream.

Although many fans believe that Grey’s could have already ended, many stick to it. Postman No7477 says, “I’m just watching it to see how it ends”, and two soon7 OK. catspjs2388 wrote: “The only reason I’m still watching is because I want to know how they end Meredith’s story. I started watching in 2007/2008 and I feel like I’ve too invested in it now, not knowing how Mer’s story will end.”

Anything that makes fans watch Grey’s Anatomy, there is a range of attitudes towards the expected final seasons of the series. Like TopicResponsible723 put it on, “I’m not a quitter. I’ll go all the way!”

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