10 Things That Made No Sense About Boba Fett’s Book


Boba Fett’s Book provides insight into Boba Fett’s life after returning in season two of The Mandalorian. The show also details a deeper perspective on the world of Tatooine after the fall of the Empire and Jabba the Hutt.

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There are plenty of moments in the series that will make fans happy, even surprise them, but not everything goes well. Some aspects of Boba Fett end up feeling out of place or contrived and meaningless with the story the show is trying to tell, leaving fans scratching their heads at the choices the showrunners made.

ten The strange aesthetic of mods

The idea of ​​body modifications in star wars is not new. From big names like Anakin and Luke Skywalker to clones like Echo and Wrecker, there are plenty of characters who have prosthetics. However, the appearance of the Mods with their droid parts looks distinctly out of step for the Star Wars franchise, especially on Tatooine. Their colorful cyberpunk aesthetic doesn’t match their surroundings and makes them easy targets in the sandy towns where they commit crimes. If designs had been made closer to practice star wars standards, they would have been less intrusive.

9 The Hutt Twins Gone Too Soon

Boba Fett Hutt twins book

The two Hutts featured in the series could have turned out to be formidable villains, continuing the legacy left by Jabba. They appear for a few episodes, but leave after granting a Rancor to Boba Fett and are not seen again in the season.

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Why the twins chose to abandon Tatooine after Jabba’s long reign on the planet is not explained. Introducing characters from such a powerful clan on Tatooine and not developing them further was a wasted opportunity that made no sense not to take advantage of it.

8 Saving Cad Bane for the final two episodes

The iconic bounty hunter’s live-action debut was a highlight of the series. However, Cad Bane is known to be a formidable bounty hunter, and letting him appear for just two episodes doesn’t define him as the big bad he’s supposed to be. He would have benefited from appearing at least a little earlier, in particular to raise the tension between him and Boba Fett for their ultimate conflict. Seeing Cad Bane in live-action is great, but Boba Fett’s Book doesn’t take the opportunity to let it reach its full potential.

7 Lack of backstory for Fennec

Fennec Shand Book by Boba Fett

Although Fennec Shand appeared in both The Mandalorian and The bad beath at various stages of his career, his backstory and character motivations remain a mystery. At this point, his backstory is less explored than Boba Fett’s. The series doesn’t take the initiative to give even a small glimpse into his past, leaving his character and his relationship with Boba Fett frustrating and superficial. She and Boba Fett suffer from a lack of character development, but especially Fennec’s arc and decision not to deepen his character was poor.

6 No one remembers Boba Fett

In the original movies, Boba Fett was a creepy and well-known mercenary working for both the Empire and Jabba, but in Boba Fett’s Bookvery few people recognize his former career.

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Even though he has changed his personality, his name should be enough to make the citizens of Tatooine wary, if not downright scared. However, no one seems to remember who he once was, and while some time has passed between his fall into the Sarlacc Pit, that shouldn’t be enough to forget the menacing legacy he once held.

5 Showing Ahsoka and Luke together after they met

Ahsoka Tano meeting Luke and Leia is something fans have been hoping to see for a long time. Boba Fett’s Book finally shows Ahsoka and Luke together, but this is after they first met. Not yet showing what was certainly an emotional first encounter between Anakin’s padawan and his son belittles the value of their interaction, and it might have been better to leave Ahsoka’s cameo out of the show altogether until later. that there is time to provide a proper intro scene in between. , possibly in the next Ahsoka show.

4 Flashbacks to Kamino were wasted

The first two episodes of Boba Fett’s Book feature brief flashbacks to Boba’s origin on Kamino. The scenes were promising at first, but ultimately didn’t add anything to the story as it progressed. Introducing flashbacks in Kamino was a huge opportunity for further development of Boba Fett’s character, and wasting them was pointless. The story would have been much better with a seasoned Boba Fett’s perspective on his origins as a clone and as the son of a renowned bounty hunter.

3 No Jango Fett appearance

Jango Fett's Helmet

The return of Temuera Morrison to star wars The universe was not only a huge opportunity for the character of Boba Fett but also for Jango Fett. Jango has only had a few screen appearances before, and although Morrison has since aged attack of the clonesde-aging is possible.

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However, Boba Fett’s Book does not feature Jango in any capacity other than a few mentions. Having flashbacks with him was certainly possible and would likely have added some much needed character development for his and Boba Fett’s characters.

2 Din and Grogu subplot could have waited

Grogu kisses Din Djarin

Fans were hoping to see Din Djarin make a comeback in Boba Fett’s Book, and the show certainly delivered, but the storyline between Din and Grogu pretty much took over the second half of the show. There was no reason why Din’s reunion with Grogu couldn’t wait for the third season of The Mandalorian. Their subplot also means that season three will begin with Din and Grogu together after they separated at the end of season two, making this important development feel more disjointed than it should be.

1 Death of the Tusken Raiders

The Tusken Raiders that Boba Fett ends up with at the start of TBoBF was one of the more interesting aspects as the bounty hunter gradually befriends them. Their death at the hands of the Pykes was not the best decision in history. The clan could have motivated Boba Fett to take over the world of crime without dying, and they could have been great allies for each other throughout history. The death of the Tuskens seemed like nothing more than insane shock value.

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