10 things that made no sense in Eren’s plan


Eren Yeager may be the most popular Shonen anime protagonist of this era, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. In fact, Eren is loved by so many people because he is flawed. The protagonist who also serves as the final antagonist of The attack of the Titans is guilty of doing too much and muddling his own plans in the process.

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Eren’s plans have changed a lot over the 3.5 seasons of The attack of the Titans which only anime fans have witnessed. The young boy who dared to wage war on the titans encountered a rude awakening when he realized he carried the power of the titans within him. Since that revelation, Eren has continued to contradict himself with a plan to create a freedom that makes little to no sense when broken down piece by piece.

ten In order for Eren to survive his attack on Marley, the Survey Corps had to perfectly time their international assault.

Eren Yeager Mikasa Ackerman

Eren had good reason to believe the Survey Corps would follow him into Marley, but the way he planned his attack still has a number of fans scratching their heads. Broken down step by step, Eren’s plan amounted to a preemptive attack that relied on near perfect timing.

If the scouts hadn’t followed Eren’s exact orders and showed up in time, he surely would have been defeated in Marley. Of course, the success that followed the Survey Corps’ joint attack on Marley blinded many viewers that Eren came close to handing both the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan into the hands of the Marleyan people.

9 Eren gave Armin the power of the Colossal Titan before going to war with his old friend

Considering Eren’s efforts to save Armin with the Titan Serum, it almost makes no sense that he’s willing to leave his friend behind when planning his attack on Marley. If Eren was truly able to see into the future, he could have predicted that his heart would cool and devour Bertholdt for himself. With the power of the Colossal Titan, her self-destruct mission in a blaze of glory could have been accomplished much faster.

8 Eren put all of his efforts into collecting the abilities of the Titan rather than focusing his efforts on mastering the abilities of the Founding Titan.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7 Jaw Titan

The plan to launch a surprise attack on Marley from within may have been successful in Eren Yeager’s eyes, but given the power of the Founding Titan, the carnage created by this attack was quite unnecessary. Eren’s biggest weakness as a wearer of the Founding Titan is his illegitimacy, but that doesn’t stop him from using his power in the later arcs of the manga.

Eren’s mission to devour the power of Marley’s Titan Warriors makes almost no sense, given that the Founding Titan has the ability to command all of the other Titans.

7 Eren threw the Jaw Titan aside like junk meat instead of consuming it

Eren uses porco to kill Lara

Even though fans consider Eren’s plan to absorb the power of the other intelligent titans to be a good strategy, it crumbles as they consider the number of times Eren has failed to devour a titan who was unable to resist him.

When Eren leads the Marley Attack and completely destroys both the Warhammer Titan and the Titan Jaw, he devours the Warhammer and throws the Jaw as if it were a pile of leftovers. If Eren had been wise, he would have devoured the jawbone and used his ability to consume Annie’s Female Titan upon his return to Heaven Island.

6 Eren trusted a man who spent his life betraying the Eldian people

Zeke Yeager glasses

Zeke Yeager is one of the most powerful and calculated characters in The attack of the Titans. After serving Marley as the Beast Titan for nearly a decade, Zeke earned the title of Warchief to mark his exemplary service as a member of the Warrior Unit.

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In summary, Zeke is the type of person you want on your side. Sadly, Zeke is also a serpent who is ready to stab his own family in the back whenever the winds of war turn against him. Considering the strength of Eren’s current allies, it makes absolutely no sense for him to trust Zeke after the Beast Titan’s long history of betraying the Eldian people.

5 Eren plotted his world war without consulting Mikasa or Armin

Eren Yeager Mikasa Ackerman Armin Arlet

Since the very first episode of The attack of the Titans, Eren kept Armin and Mikasa by his side. In truth, these three characters can rival the might of the big three MCs in anime history. As a unit, they’re a real force to be reckoned with, but Eren has no qualms about putting them both aside once he’s mastered his Titan-changing abilities.

If Eren had kept Armin and Mikasa by his side before attacking Marley, perhaps he could have negotiated a peace that could have extended to all the nations of the world. Instead, he pushed them aside and sparked an international conflict that almost ended with the extinction of the human race.

4 Eren’s mission to achieve complete freedom led him to the conclusion that all of humanity must be destroyed

Eren’s mission has changed several times since the start of The attack of the Titans. As a child, Eren’s only dream was to freely explore the world outside of Wall Maria. After seeing his mother devoured by the smiling Titan, Eren vowed to destroy all the titans. That mission then changed when he led Armin and Mikasa to the sea and realized that true freedom can only be achieved through more bloodshed. Of course, fans now know that Eren’s desire for freedom is something that will never be satisfied, no matter how many people he puts in the mud.

3 After becoming the most powerful being in the world, Eren refused to give diplomacy a chance

Eren Titan Transformation AOT

Considering the international stage that Eren was walking on at the end of The attack of the Titans it makes absolutely no sense that the idea of ​​diplomacy never crossed his mind.

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Of course, there’s an argument to be made that sees Eren’s position as a victim, but so does everyone’s favorite diplomat, Armin Artlert. Fans know full well that Armin is willing to risk his life to seek peace through diplomacy. Eren, meanwhile, prefers to seek out the carnage without ever giving his victims a chance to understand why they are forced to meet death.

2 Eren gave Pieck the opportunity to kill him after infiltrating Paradise Island

Pieck holds a gun to Eren's head

For a man who views human life as little more than a chain preventing him from experiencing true freedom, Eren has an inexplicable tendency to play games with his life and the lives of his victims. This is very clear when Pieck finds himself in the same room as Eren with a gun pointed at his head. Eren happily pushes his head against the barrel of the weapon knowing that it would only take one bullet to end his plans prematurely.

1 Eren’s mission to destroy all Titans fell apart the moment he was revealed as the Titan

Eren holds Grisha's glasses and cries

After Eren realized his dream of exploring the outside of the Maria Wall, his mission to find freedom fell through so he could fulfill his dream of committing genocide instead.

All kidding aside, Eren’s mission to find freedom was dashed as a titan devoured his mother and set out on his mission to destroy all titans. This plan may have sounded admirable when Eren first concocted it, but it fell apart when Eren and fans of AoT realized that Eren himself was a titan. Perhaps it was this incongruity that led Eren to shift his plan from Titan Extinction to the near-omnicidal that fans will see when Season 4 returns in 2022.

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