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While the debates are hot on whether season 19 could be the last for Grey’s Anatomy, fans are also busy discussing other evergreen topics, like who is their favorite, or in this case, their least favorite couples on the show. And a show that’s been around this long is bound to have some not-so-great couples.

There are, of course, people who don’t like main couples like Meredith and Derek and Mark and Lexie. But others just seem to be universally hated by everyone, and these were some of the most frequently mentioned on Reddit.


Owen and Teddy

“It’s crazy how little chemistry there is between two people after being exposed together for over 10 years,” one Reddit user said. groovaymack. After a very long build of this relationship, which began in previous seasons, Teddy and Owen eventually reunited, only to disappoint fans with a lack of chemistry.

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It seems the charm of their relationship was the idea that they couldn’t be together. As soon as the nostalgia and longing were removed, it felt flat and unimaginative. Fans even suggested that Teddy was better with Corasick and that she made him a better man. Owen also seems to be one of the most hated characters in the fandom, and the ships he’s a part of aren’t that popular.

Levi and Nico

“Nico doesn’t have a personality, so the relationship seems incredibly one-sided,” the Reddit user said. -M_A_Y_0-. More than one comment has mentioned that Nico seems to only exist to be Levi’s boyfriend, and that’s about the extent of his character.

This ship would certainly be more appreciated if the writers took the same care in developing Nico’s character as they have with others. It’s hard to get invested in a relationship where one person feels like a real person, while the other feels like a conspiracy.

Callie and Penny

Penny was one of the most controversial characters on the show, and fans could never get over her involvement in McDreamy’s death. “Callie didn’t know what Penny had done when they got together, but I really think she should have broken it off once she found out that Penny was one of the doctors responsible for Derek’s death by professional misconduct,” this said. Reddit user.

It also seemed that Callie had been significantly degraded in this relationship. The fact that she even tried to get Sophia away from Arizona and didn’t even consider her part of the equation really ruined Callie’s character. And then she moved across the country so her resident girlfriend could pursue a career option. The good relationship between the women is one of the reasons why fans always watch Grey’sbut they could have chosen anyone else.

Maggie and Jackson

“Jaggie was a terrible idea. I understand they didn’t grow up together, but the moment she recognized Richard as her father and he and Catherine got married, Jackson and Maggie became a bad couple for me.” , said the Reddit user. IeishaS. Aside from the incestuous vibes, this couple also shared little to no chemistry, and they seemed to genuinely hate things about each other.

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They weren’t compatible at all, and it seemed ridiculous that the writers kept trying to force this couple on the audience, even after their parents got together. It was like lazy writing just for a few twists.

George and Callie

“I think the worst part is George and Callie. Hurried, impulsive, and we all knew it was going to end as soon as it started,” the Reddit user said. ChrissyBrown1127. Fans realize this was a way to introduce Callie’s character, but the whole rushed wedding felt so wrong.

It completely ruined George’s character when he cheated on Callie with Izzie. This story has been mishandled and fans still don’t support this couple even after all these years. They also had nothing in common except working at the same hospital, which likely contributed to their separation.

George and Izzie

“George and Izzie. I loved their friendship so much. WHY couldn’t they just leave it at that?!!???” said the Reddit user sweettea0922. Around the time these two went from friends to something more, that’s when the magic of MAGIC was really lost and fans still think it was a bad one. idea.

Izzie and George were one of the show’s fan-favorite friendships and had amazing platonic chemistry, but as soon as they tried to push something more on them, it just didn’t work. Izzie became irrationally jealous of Callie, and their so-called feelings came out of nowhere. George cheated on Callie with Izzie for what? They literally broke up two episodes later.

“She treated him like crap. Link deserved better. Actually, just Amelia and anyone really. She doesn’t treat her romantic partners very well,” this said Reddit user. Although it was clear early on that they wanted different things, these two took a chance after Amelia got pregnant.

They developed feelings for each other, but it became clear that they didn’t want the same things. His proposal was the worst thing that ever happened to them, it scared him away and his rejection came across as cruel and unnecessary. It’s obvious that Amelia still has some issues to deal with when it comes to romantic relationships, as she still manages to come across as selfish and self-centered.

Owen and Christina

“I hate Owen and Christina. It was so bad. They wanted such different things and kept pushing each other together,” the Reddit user said. Stylish_personality4. Overall, many Reddit fans just don’t like Owen and find him boring, so it’s no surprise. It always seemed like they were trying too hard to make it work and were toxic more often than not.

Granted, they should have had the conversation before they got married, but the way Owen treated Cristina after realizing she didn’t want kids, and how he tried to guilt her, even though it was blatantly obvious. that Cristina would be a horrible mother, was terrible. He also cheated on her, broke her heart, and they still couldn’t let go. It was one of the relationships that was cute at first, but in the end everyone hated it.

Xander and Izzie

“After their first thing was either getting relief from trauma or surviving trauma. They literally got back together as a result of Ava’s story and then straight into cancer/ death/disappearance. Endless darkness,” the Reddit user said. mercy_death.

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It was so forced after Izzie beat her cancer. It was clear that Alex had serious issues with his DNR form signing, and they never worked on it. It was a depressing relationship, and fans were understandably upset that the writers chose to end their relationship by asking Alex to go away with her.

Cristina and Burke

“I don’t think Burke ever really considered Cristina an equal, and he was quite condescending to her at times,” he said. Reddit user. Not only that, but he apparently tried to mold her into something or someone he wanted to have as his wife. It almost seemed like he liked the idea of ​​who she might be more than he actually liked her.

Cristina has even said herself that she lost herself in this relationship, trying to be someone she wasn’t, and that’s never healthy. Their relationship was toxic beneath the surface, and while the scene where Cristina cries after their breakup is one of the most heartbreaking in the series, it also set her free and taught her a valuable lesson.

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