100 holds per day on a penny. Brandon Talton’s Anatomy of Success


Brandon Talton is the most accurate kicker in Nevada football history and ranks second among active FBS players in goals scored per game (1.69).

After completing seven kicks last week (four field goals and three extra points), Talton won his fifth Mountain West Special Teams Player of the Week title on Monday. But he is quick to divert his personal success to the work of his teammates. It’s easy to overlook, but a done field goal is more than the kicker doing his job. The snapper needs to be precise, the grip more precise and the offensive linemen need to hold their blocks.

When everything is done together, this field-goal routine will take no more than 1.5 seconds. But it’s the difference between a hit and a miss that can make the difference between a win and a loss. And more often than not, Talton’s kicks are good. The junior from Vacaville, Calif., Burst onto the scene, scoring a winning basket of 56 yards in his first college game. He was at the time a substitute who was transferred to a scholarship in the post-match locker room.

Talton’s success continued after his debut as he scored 44 of 52 field goals, a conversation rate of 84.6%, a high for a Nevada kicker. Talton is 8 of 9 in the field this season and has managed to beat his 13 extra point attempts at home. He appeared on NSN Daily on Friday and halted the shooting process, nodding to snapper Austin Ortega and titular wolf pack punter Julian Diaz.

“We’re still going back 7.5 yards every time,” said Talton. “It always starts with the snap, obviously, but I still like my big boys up front who will always block for me. I always tell them that I like them after every snap because it’s not easy to be up front, especially having three guys rushing over the “A” gaps at the same time so I really appreciate them. We talk to these guys telling them that we want them to engage in contact and keep it there for a while. 1.25 seconds max. We’re really quick at times at, like, 1.15. But my elite snapper. He always laces all the time. He’s always on the spot. Julian worked very, very hard since last year to get some good takes just for me, and he’s doing over 100 takes a day and still hitting a point. We put a dime in just to get him to that point, so I’m really enjoying it. ‘have guys who work hard every day and want to hone their craft just for the sake of it. oi succeed too. “

Talton also attributes his consistency to his competitiveness, which prompts him to work hard in every training session to keep improving and not take his early successes in Nevada for granted.

“I think what makes me the most consistent is just being in love with the craft,” said Talton. “Going out everyday knowing I want to do those kicks. I’m a huge competitor. I hate to lose. I always want to be the best at whatever I do, whether it’s Monopoly or field goals. or whatever. I wanna win and all. It’s a credit to my parents who are really growing up because my dad never really let me win in anything so that got me driven to always want to be on top of my game. I just worked really hard for that. I’ve been in situations where I haven’t been as successful as in high school. I’ve been on the other side , and I don’t want to be there anymore, and I just tell myself that and work really hard so that I’m not there. “

You can watch Brandon Talton’s full interview on NSN Daily below.


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