11 things that make absolutely no sense in Loki



Regardless of his penchant for rhetoric and demagoguery, Loki is over 1,000 years old. Unless he’s spent a few hundred years under a vow of silence, this stack of paper is far too short to record everything he’s said.

Attention math! Loki said about 1,000 words with only 20 minutes of screen time in “Thor”. Even though each page was filled with things Loki said without any context, an average single-spaced page is around 500 words (not taking into account the fact that the print clearly contains a header and timestamp, occupying more than space per page). 1,000 pages are about 500,000 words long, which would represent only 25,000 minutes, or 417 hours, of Loki’s life. Which, as Mobius can attest, takes much less time than Loki normally speaks.

If we are to give an explanation for this priceless little package, we can assume that VAT, along with the ability to time travel, also has the power of microprinting and can hold thousands of words on a page (and that the last pages printed on the spot are not of standard size), or that the TVA has a method of condensing materials so that a stack of several thousand pages appears in a more manageable form. Either way, no confirmation on the screen means that this little stack of paper currently doesn’t make sense.



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