3 Reasons Niners Won’t Trade Jimmy Garoppolo


Ask anyone who’s been at 49ers training camp, even for a day: Trey Lance looks great. Better than expected, even, and expectations were pretty high for overall pick # 3.

And although there is no quarterback competition at this point in the preseason. Starter Jimmy Garoppolo is still channel first and Lance faces off against the 49ers’ backup defense – but the talent disparity between the two quarterbacks has been so shocking (in Lance’s favor) that it looks likely to change in the days and months. weeks to come.

There isn’t much value in prolonging the inevitable. Lance will ultimately be the 49ers’ starting quarterback and Garoppolo will play for another team, likely as a starter.

A Garoppolo trade this preseason gets straight to the point.

But I don’t foresee a drop in trade for three reasons:

1. Two are better than one

What could be better than having a quarterback who can take you to the Super Bowl?

Have two quarterbacks that can get you to the Super Bowl.

For all the uninspiring play Garoppolo put on the pitch during his 49ers career, the Niners’ biggest problem as a quarterback wasn’t his play as a starting quarterback – this team is went to the Super Bowl in her only full season at the helm. No, the problem was the lack of a viable backup for No.10.

Nick Mullens had his day, but he was never going to lead a team to the playoffs, while CJ Beathard got a lot more opportunities in San Francisco than he really deserved.

Garoppolo looked like an All-Pro compared to those quarterbacks, so when he left he got injured, the 49ers’ chances of winning diminished with him.

But whether Garoppolo or Lance starts in week 1 this year, having the other as a backup is a luxury. If it’s Jimmy G, you’ve got a more talented quarterback on the bench in Lance. If Lance gets the start against the Lions in Detroit, the Niners arguably have the NFL’s most capable quarterback behind him.

The Niners love what they saw of Garoppolo and it’s impossible not to be wowed by what Lance did. But why start this season with just one quarterback? Why not try to play a season with a competent substitute for the first time in the Kyle Shanahan era?

2. The child may not be ready

I might be saying Lance is the best quarterback, but I’m also noting that it’s early August and he hasn’t faced his own first-team defense for full training, let alone a defense that can and will. , hit it.

So while the talent is undeniable, he still has a long way to go.

And while I might be an impatient person, Shanahan isn’t. Do you remember how long it took him to launch Garoppolo after acquiring it? For those of you who don’t, it was a month – an excruciating month. And he only really changed because Beathard was injured.

If the Niners were to leave Garoppolo, Lance should never look like a rookie. For as big as he’s looked at camp – once again: he’s spectacular – it’s a tall order for a 21-year-old at the most important and difficult position in professional sport.

The Niners also don’t want to throw Lance away before he’s ready. Once Lance gets the starting position, he can’t give it up. This is not the way it works for the third overall choice.

Shanahan has a good quarterback at Garoppolo. I think he has a great quarterback in Lance. But he’d rather be safe than sorry, and when you’re dealing with a player it costs three first-round picks to acquire, that makes sense.

Lance has to be much better than Garoppolo to take the start of week 1. It is too early to say that is the case. Talk to me at the end of the month, however.

3. What is the problem?

The Niners have already tried to trade Garoppolo. They said no, but they did. And the best offer they had was a sixth-round draft pick.

It’s not exactly an elite comeback.

That’s the problem with an expensive quarterback you can’t trust to play a full season (and who might not be good outside of a Shanahan attack) – they’re not worth much to others. teams.

The idea that the Colts, whose starting quarterback Carson Wentz injured his foot in training camp, would move a first-round pick for Garoppolo is pure fantasy.

You might want to quote Sam Bradford’s trade to Minnesota a few years ago – the Vikings, desperate for a starting quarterback after Teddy Bridgwater’s catastrophic knee injury, sent a first-round pick to Philadelphia in this deal.

But the trade looked ludicrous for the Vikings in retrospect and Wentz is set to return this season – perhaps before the Niners play against the Colts in October. Indianapolis isn’t desperate enough to be so stupid.

Maybe there is something else going on in the league that leaves a team short of a quarterback, but even then, I doubt their first thought would be “let’s go get Jimmy G”.

How can the Niners get a better deal now than they had a few months ago? They could keep their paycheck, sure, but will that recoup any of the first-round picks the Niners used to get Lance? I seriously doubt it.

No, San Francisco would be lucky to get a Day 3 pick for Garoppolo at this point, and whether or not Lance is ready to start Week 1, it just isn’t worth it for the 49ers.


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