6 features of Honda’s new HR-V that make sense


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Last week Honda sent us to Hervey Bay to meet Harvey the Talking Car. Yes, you read that right. See, Harvey is a talking AI-powered HR-V, created by Honda in response to our ever-growing desire to have a nice little chat with our technology. We have Siri and Alexa, so why not Harvey?

As to why Hervey Bay? Well, what better place to meet Harvey than in Hervey? So we set off on a fun road trip that served a dual purpose – not only would we meet the car of the future, but we’d have our very own brand new Honda HR-V hybrid try.

6 features of Honda's new HR-V that make sense

After a whole weekend with the car, we have some thoughts. Number one being: how can we get by without ever giving it back? It’s a dream to drive and it’s chock full of little things that make you say “ahhh”. The car is designed for modern comfort, with so many practical features that it is enough give a meaning. Here are some of our favorites.

Active cornering lights

Most headlights only look straight ahead. Honda headlights, however, not only illuminate the road ahead, but also the direction your steering wheel is pointing. Very handy indeed given that we’re usually looking in the direction we’re turning – such a common-sense feature is a wonder it’s not more common.

6 features of Honda's new HR-V that make sense

The hybrid engine

The engine at low rpm will remain in ultra-quiet electric mode, then, when needed, the car will automatically switch to gasoline, seamlessly. When the car is in electric mode, it is so quiet that several times I pressed the “On” button, only to realize that the car was already on. This Harvey, he’s a sneaky boy.

6 features of Honda's new HR-V that make sense

Demisting the windshield and mirrors

That’s right, the windshield, rear window and side mirrors are equipped with their own demisters. Very handy for those frosty mornings when your windshield wipers won’t even work because they’re stuck on the windshield. A real game changer, especially in colder climates. As a Melburnian, let me speak for all of us – honestly, where have you been all my life?

6 features of Honda's new HR-V that make sense

Reversing camera

The multi-angle system backup camera is the best I’ve ever used. It works so well and is so simple to use that it will turn even the most hesitant inverters into the best inverters this side of the galaxy.

And if you don’t notice an obstacle on the high-quality camera – hey, it’s okay, nobody’s perfect – the handy front and rear parking sensors will activate to save the day.

6 features of Honda's new HR-V that make sense

Adaptive cruise control

All models come with handy adaptive cruise control, which will keep you a safe distance from the car in front of you using the power of radar. On top of that, there’s the auto-steer feature which will help you stay in your lane if you start to stray for some reason. Very practical for long and tiring journeys.

6 features of Honda's new HR-V that make sense

magic seats

The seats are truly magical, they can be adjusted in multiple ways for ultra-efficient use of the car’s interior. This is a super handy feature if you like hiking, camping, surfing…basically, if you like live lifebaby.

It’s hard to push a surfboard, kayak or camping gear in normal cars, but with Honda’s Magic Seats you have a world of possibilities – and by that I mean you can move the seats in 18 unique combinations, including laying every seat, plus the driver’s, completely flat. Very practical indeed.

6 features of Honda's new HR-V that make sense

Now, to learn a little more about Harvey. Here it is in all its glory. He is voiced by Australian comedian Sam Taunton and is actually powered by the chatbot Harvey, which can be accessed anywhere, in fact, you can talk to Harvey on the right here.

Harvey’s favorite topics talk about his fuel efficiency, engine and a whole host of other technicalities, as well as being ready to give you the locations of the nearest Honda dealerships. But it’s not all business with Harvey, he loves daddy jokes, loves small talk and can even help you understand crypto and NFTs. Thanks Harvey, that’s great!

Want to know more about Honda’s new HR-V? Check Honda website for more information. And of course, you can always go to your local Honda dealership. Go ahead then, have fun.

Head over to Pedestrian.TV to find out more about our trip to sunny Hervey Bay.

All images by Sean Foster.


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