7 Celebrities Who Starred In ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Who Fans May Not Remember


The medical drama that began in 2005 has slowly but surely become a household name, boasting eighteen seasons and counting. The series follows a group of medical students as they begin their careers as interns at Seattle Grace Hospital, namely young doctor Meredith Grey, daughter of a famous surgeon who has a long history at the hospital.

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Grey’s Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo like Meredith Grey, Sandra Oh like Christina Yang, Justin Chambers like Alex Karev, Catherine Heigl like Izzie Stevens, and Knight TR like George O’Malley. Throughout the series, the young doctors have encountered many unique and intriguing cases, testing their limits and expertise. Many familiar faces have starred in the series, making the daily work of doctors even more fun and interesting.

Bridget Regan (season 13, episode 8)

Bridget Regan

Meredith, Richard (James Pickens Jr.), Owen (Kevin McKidd), and Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) work together to save the patient’s life. But as the operation progresses, it proves difficult – bringing back crucial memories for each of the doctors involved.

Bridget Ragan guest-starred as Megan Hunt, Owen Hunt’s younger sister. The couple grew up together in Seattle, went to medical school together and eventually joined the US Army together. But a fateful afternoon at their base camp separated the siblings for ten years. As Owen Hunt works to save the life of the patient on the operating table, he is taken back to his time at the field hospital with his sister. Regan has appeared in other television and film projects such as John Wick, Joan the Virginand batman.


Julie Gonzalo (Season 14, Episode 22)

Julie Gonzalo

Since Alex hasn’t heard from his mother for a while, he and Jo (Camille Luddington) decide to go on a road trip in Iowa in search of him. Meanwhile, Jackson tries to rebuild the foundation after his reputation is threatened, and Meredith gives a presentation on her mini-liver project, which has garnered a lot of attention.

In the episode “Fight for Your Life”, Julie Gonzalo guest starred as Teresa Benson, 24 weeks pregnant, and her baby had been diagnosed with spina bifida and meningocele in utero. But because of her severe tomophobia – following the death of her father while she was undergoing an appendectomy at the age of 5 – she panicked when she was about to be sedated for the operation. and left the hospital. After a long talk and support from Arizona as they worked through Teresa’s panic and fear, she agrees to the operation. Gonzalo continued to perform in super girl, A dark enemyand the good doctor.

Bernadette Peters (Season 5, Episodes 1 & 2)

Bernadette Peters

The freezing weather has caused quite a chaos – Christina gets stabbed by a fallen icicle, prompting Hunt to come to the doctor’s rescue, but not before he kisses the woman before he leaves. Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Erica (Brooke Smith) decide to try their relationship, and with Rose (Lauren Stamile) transferred to another service, Meredith and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is back on track with their “happily ever after”. All the while, a group of friends are brought in when they have a car accident, dealing with the ensuing consequences.

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Bernadette Peters appears in two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. In “Dream a Little Dream of Me: Part 1 & 2”, she played the character of Sarabeth Breyers. His character arrives at the hospital with minimal superficial injuries, with Mark stitching up the cut on his face. Finding out that her husband had been sent to another hospital and needed surgery, she asked for her husband to be transferred. Shortly after, it is revealed that her husband had cheated on her, with one of his closest friends. Peters went on to star in TV shows like Ugly Betty, Mozart in the Jungleand The good fight.

Tessa Thompson (season 2, episodes 26 and 27)

tessa thompson

Burque (Isaiah Washington) and Richard’s niece are admitted to the hospital. As Izzie and the doctors fight to keep Denny alive, Alex tries to find him a donor heart and Callie presses George on her feelings.

Tessa Thompson plays Camille Travis, Richard Webber’s niece. She was admitted to hospital after losing consciousness during sex. Having had ovarian cancer three years previously, Addison (Kate Walsh) did an ultrasound and found that Camille’s cancer had returned. It was then revealed that Camille had had symptoms for a month, but ignored them because she wanted to attend the prom. Thompson then starred in Private practice, men in black: Internationaland Westworld.

Elisabeth Moss (Season 3, Episode 19)

elisabeth moss

As the assistants deal with their board meetings, the other doctors deal with their own problems – Izzie seems to be the only one who remembers the night before with George, while Derek becomes overprotective of Meredith when Mark (Eric Dane) offers her surgery and Callie is visited by her father.

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Elizabeth Moss appeared in the episode “My Favorite Mistake” as Nina Rogerson, a patient’s daughter. After vomiting blood and taking painkillers like candy, Nina decides it’s time to take her mother to the hospital. Callie ordered a CT scan to see what was going on with the patient, as she has a genetic condition that turns her muscles into bone. Moss continued to perform in Average, Mad Menand The Handmaid’s Tale.

Millie Bobby Brown (season 11, episodes 11 and 13)

millie bobby brown

The hospital becomes fascinated with Dr. Herman’s (Geena Davis) case where Amelia gives a lecture detailing the intricacies of the surgery, while in Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Herman bond over the workload they need to complete before the big operation. And when an earthquake leaves Maggie (Kelly McCreary) stuck in the elevator, Meredith’s streak of successful operations is threatened.

Millie Bobby Brown guest starred as Ruby, an 11-year-old girl who calls for help at the hospital after an earthquake hits Seattle. Owen does his best to assess the situation – the condition of Ruby’s mother and to reassure the girl that everything was going to be fine. When the mother-daughter is finally rescued and brought to the hospital, Owen does everything in his power to nurse and treat Ruby as her mother is in the operating room. Brown then starred as Eleven in stranger thingsand the titular role in Enola Holmes.

Keke Palmer (season 10, episode 16)

Keke Palmer

It’s Richard Webber’s birthday, and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) gave him a rare, once-in-a-lifetime time to rub up. Meredith hires a research assistant to help with her portal vein project, while Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) returns to the hospital in hopes of convincing her son to marry April (Sarah Drew), and Shane (Gaius Charles) helps select candidates for Christina’s clinical trial.

In season 10, episode 16, “We have to get out of this place”, Keke Palmer plays Sheryll Jeffries, who wants to be part of Christina’s surgical trial. Having had heart surgery in the past, which failed to fix the problem, Sheryll became desperate – thinking she was going to die, she made rash decisions which resulted in her pregnancy. With the news that she is going to be a mother, Sheryll is going to live again, but because she is too old for the trial, she is put on the heart transplant list. Palmer continued to perform in Scream QueensRochelle voice for Big mouthand more recently the voice of Maya for The proud family: stronger and prouder.

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