A 2024 release for Fable 4 would make sense


Playground Games and Microsoft haven’t revealed a release window for Fable 4, but it’s possible they’re aiming for a 2024 launch.

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Xbox users and RPG fans would like to know when the new Playground Games Fable the game is coming out, but so far Playground doesn’t say. Announce the Fable play in the summer of 2020 might have suggested the game was only about a year away, but a year and a half has passed without even a wide release window. Nvidia GeForce Now leak suggests release date for tale 4, but it’s entirely possible that the date is just a placeholder.

Playground might be running slow because it already has a release window in mind. Although Playground Games hasn’t said anything to that effect, it may be planning to release Fable in 2024. It would take a while, but it would still be a smart move because 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the Fable franchise. Behind closed doors, Playground and Microsoft could be planning a resort Fable anniversary to bring the series back to its former glory. Neither Microsoft nor Playground has confirmed such an event, but it would be a great surprise to plan in secret.


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Potential content of the 2024 fable


The silence of the playground on Tale 4 so far, it would make a lot of sense if the studio plays the long game by recording information for 2024. Once the year is up, it might become eager to talk, discuss Fablethe overall journey of and how the Fable the series will change in Tale 4 as part of the anniversary celebration. Whether it’s a reboot or just a new chapter in the saga, Tale 4 needs some sort of relationship with the rest of the franchise. Going out on a major anniversary would help strengthen that relationship.

Tale 4 shouldn’t be the only way Fable celebrates its 20th anniversary. While Playground develops the new game, Microsoft may quietly assign remasters of the original Fable trilogy to another studio. If the previous kernel Fable games are getting new Xbox Series X-worthy releases, interest in the franchise could skyrocket as new players work on the trilogy for the first time. Remasters of the original released Fable games during this anniversary would be another valuable step towards bringing Fable into the modern era after many years of absence.

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A version of Fable 2024 is plausible

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Playground and Microsoft have not described any plans for a Fable 20th anniversary celebration, but a 2024 release for the upcoming game would still make sense based on Playground’s recent hires. Although Fable 4 seems to have been in development for several years, Playground continues to hire new Fable developers for all kinds of positions. If Playground further expands its team, Fable perhaps still at a relatively early stage. With the help of new Playground talent, Tale 4 should be able to scale comfortably to a 2024 release, taking a long time to become a worthy revival.

FableThe revival of is a victory in itself, but Playground Games has yet to deliver a game worthy of the influential trilogy that preceded it. A 2024 release would certainly mark a long development cycle, but ideally that would result in Tale 4 really worth celebrating. Since 2022 is still young, it will probably still be a long time before Fable fans are hearing about Playground and Microsoft’s theoretical anniversary plans. Hopefully the companies have something in mind. Depending on how much Microsoft decides to invest in the franchise, Fable fans could have a lot to celebrate in 2024.

Tale 4 is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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