A lack of communication forces Aaron Antoine to jump high at the U20 World Cup



In this file photo, TT’s Aaron Antoine reacts after competing in the men’s under-20 high jump on March 13 during the 2022 NAAA Carifta Games Qualifiers at Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port d’ Spain. – PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB

AARON Antoine, the 2022 Carifta under-20 high jump champion, was unable to participate in the men’s high jump on Tuesday at the 2022 World U-20 Athletics Championships (World Junior Championships), due to a communication error.

The championships are held at the Estadio Olimpico Pascual Guerrero in Cali, Colombia.

In a post on the National Association of Athletic Administrations (NAAA) Facebook page, “Aaron Antoine did not participate in the men’s high jump qualifying round (Tuesday) morning.

“According to a team manager, Antoine was being prepared in the physiotherapy area, when the call to show up for the start of the event was made. The physiotherapy area is located approximately 300 meters from the call room, making it difficult to hear announcements.

“Having failed to respond in a timely manner, a decision was taken to exclude Antoine from the competition. A protest was immediately lodged by the team manager (Michelle Stoute) for his inclusion. However, the protest was dismissed by the Jury of Appeal.”

Antoine is a member of the Neon Wolves and, contacted last night, a club official said: “(Antoine) told me from time to time that the warm-up area is a good distance from the competition area, and there are buses who was to take you there. It was very upsetting because when I got the whole story.

“I’m sure (the technical team) offered, instead of doing the first flight, (that) he could have done the second flight,” continued the Neon Wolves manager. “They gave alternatives. They asked ‘could he jump on his own?’

“I haven’t spoken to them since, so I don’t know what they are doing. They were all very upset about the situation.”

Regarding the 18-year-old Carifta champion, the Neon Wolves official said: “I just cheered him on. He’s human, he was ready to compete. Of course it would cause a downside but, as I explained, these things happen in life, which sometimes breaks you, sometimes strengthens you.

“Although it may be a setback, you have the opportunity to come back,” continued the club official. “I know he may be crying right now, but he has to understand that there is a future. This is the first time he has competed on an international stage for his country, so it’s a baptism of fire .

“He’ll know next time, whatever language they’re speaking, to make sure and do something to not end up in that position.”

On the track, it was another disappointing day for TT as no rider was able to make it past the first lap.

Shaniqua Bascombe placed fifth in the second run, in the women’s 100 meters, in 11.71 seconds, behind Serena Cole of Jamaica (11.39), Brynley McDermott of Canada (11.61), Rosina Schneider of Germany (11.61) and Lucy May Sleeman from Ireland (11.71).

Sleeman and Bascombe had the same time but Sleeman was judged fourth, after a photo-finish.

Also in the women’s 100m, Kyah La Fortune finished eighth and last in the seventh run, with a time of 11.99.

Mia Brahe-Pedersen of the US won the race in 11.45 followed by Elena Guiu of Spain (11.46) and Anna Pursiainen of Finland (11.66).

Natasha Fox finished seventh and last in the third run, in the women’s 400m, after clocking 58.09. Yemi Mary John of Great Britain triumphed in 52.42 ahead of Ellie Beer of Australia (53.30) and Mekenze Kelley of the United States (53.59).

On Wednesday there will be TT participants in the men’s 200m and the men’s 400m hurdles.

In the men’s U-turn, Shakeem McKay was drawn in lane six of round two and Revell Webster will face the starter in lane two of round three.

And, in the men’s 400m hurdles, Dillon Leacock will be present in lane six of the first run.


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