A progressive tyranny over parents that will shock you



For months, widespread parent-led uprisings against school boards pitted everyday mothers and fathers against powerful political bureaucracies. Skirmishes across the country have exposed the radicalism – and cruelty – of the educators and administrators who run America’s education system.

But none have been as horrific as that of Scott Smith, the Loudoun County father who became the target of the ruling class who preside over wealthy northern Virginia suburbs.

Smith, a trained plumber, told the Daily Wire he was ignored and ultimately prosecuted by local authorities for drawing attention to the sexual assault of his ninth-grade daughter, which he said was carried out by a student wearing a Loudoun dress. County Public School Bathroom (LCPS). Privately, Smith was assured that his daughter’s May 28 assault would be dealt with “internally.”

Yet rather than address the credible charges – which are corroborated by evidence from a rape kit, and include two counts of forced anal sex, one count of anal sodomy and one count of forced blowjob, according to Smith’s lawyer – LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler has publicly denied that the incident ever happened, dismissing parental concerns as a “red herring” born out of the accused perpetrator being transgender.

“We have no record of assaults in our washrooms,” Ziegler insisted at a school board meeting in June. “We’ve heard it several times tonight from our speakers, but the predatory transgender student or person just doesn’t exist.”

Unsurprisingly, Ziegler’s air changed somewhat after the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office virtually verified the assault with the Daily Wire, confirming that a report with “Offense: Forced Sodomy [and] Sexual Battery ”was filed on the exact date and location Smith says his daughter was raped. The superintendent now claims he simply misunderstood the question regarding the bathroom incident. He offered an “I’m sorry you feel like this” style apology – “I regret my comments were misleading” – in remarks prepared at a press conference on October 15.

But the damage was already done: when the LCPS “quietly transferred the boy accused of the May 28 assault to a new school,” writes the Daily Wire, “he was arrested for yet another sexual assault in a classroom the low “.

Again, a press release from the sheriff’s office confirms the second assault – “the 15-year-old suspect forced a classmate into an empty classroom where he held her against her will and hit her hard. inappropriately, “he reports – and a government official told the Daily Wire that the name of the accused student” was the same as the boy who allegedly assaulted Smith’s daughter. ”

LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler has publicly denied the sexual assault of a ninth grade student.

Smith, for his part, found himself in the crosshairs of a powerful progressive political machine. He was arrested at a school board meeting in June for an outburst of anger after Ziegler denied the assault on his daughter.

The viral video of the altercation – a vivid image of an enraged white man being attacked, handcuffed and forcibly dragged out of a location by several police officers – was broadcast on a loop in national media. Smith has been portrayed as the cartoonish personification of the anti-criticism of racial theory movement.

The altercation was even cited as one of “heinous acts” which “could amount to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes” in a letter the National School Boards Association sent to the administration. Biden.

A man is being held after a brawl broke out at a Loudoun County School Board meeting that included a discussion of critical theory of race and transgender students, in Ashburn, Virginia, United States on 22 June 2021.
Scott Smith is arrested at a school board meeting after claiming his daughter’s rape was brazenly dismissed by LCSD officials.

Returning home in Loudoun, Smith was banned from the school board building and targeted by the county’s top prosecutor, who personally appeared in court arguing that his “disorderly conduct” misdemeanor charges should be punished with a prison sentence, an extremely punitive response.

“It is incredibly unusual for a disorderly conduct case to even go ahead,” Smith’s attorney told the Daily Wire. “The idea that they would actually seek jail time, I guess in my 15 years the number of times I saw that happen would be zero.”

This two-tiered justice system is the logical conclusion to the poisonous brand of elite identity progressivism that has consolidated power in affluent communities like Loudoun. The accused student’s transgender status gave him a host of special rights and immunities that were not accorded to Smith’s white cisgender daughter. It went far beyond Ziegler’s apparent willingness to lie on behalf of the suspect; Even as Loudoun’s political bureaucracy sprang into action to protect the perpetrator, it made unprecedented efforts to aggressively pursue the victim’s family.

This machine’s loyal infantrymen sit on school boards and local prosecutors’ offices across the country. They draw on a sympathetic media heritage that is far more willing to vilify white fathers like Scott Smith than credibly accused rapists who wear dresses.

Broad Run High School
An accused 14-year-old boy attacked a girl at Broad Run High School.

The LCPS has already made national news for the brazen radicalism of its school officials. The district CRT debates were sparked by an unusually extreme and aggressive set of ‘equity’ oriented reforms that began to be implemented in 2019.

Yet despite parental backlash, mediocrities like Scott Ziegler are remarkably good at self-preservation. As Loudoun County slumps into anarcho-tyranny, the smug administrators at its head have been isolated from responsibility by the same bureaucratic system that allows them to wield power. Ziegler, for example, blamed his failure to respond to the assault on “the processes and procedures in place” that “existed prior to my tenure,” before praising himself for the nebulous achievement of “taking steps to ensure that this process is improved. ”

The central problem was that “our administrative procedures have not kept up with the growth we have seen in our county,” he explained during his recent press conference.

That this is not at all convincing is of little concern to the bureaucrats who run the LCPS. They owe nothing to their constituents; they deserve to rule. This is why local parents have been subjected to months of bullying and intimidation from members of the Loudoun County School Board. This is why gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe sadly said that “parents [shouldn’t] tell schools what they should be teaching ”and Attorney General Merrick Garland armed the Justice Department against parents protesting the CRT.

Despite all the talk about democracy, the progressive ruling class seems remarkably uncomfortable with the subjects of democracy themselves, namely the people.

We remember a remark by Father Zosima, a character in Dostoyevsky’s “Brothers Karamazov”: “The more I love humanity in general, the less I love man in particular.

Nate Hochman is ISI Fellow at National Review and Robert Novak Journalism Fellow at Fund for American Studies. Reprinted with permission from The Spectator.



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