AEW Fyter Fest Night One Results: Swerve In Our Glory Defeat Young Bucks and Team Taz to win the AEW World Tag Team Championships (07/13)


The Young Bucks heard Swerve In Our Glory & Team Taz talk about the best tag team in the world today and decided to set the record straight. The best tag team in the world is The Young Bucks, and they intend to prove it here tonight. With the AEW World Tag Team Championships on the line, they will face off against both teams, quickly eliminating two challengers.

Young bucks are in big game mode

The Young Bucks hit the ring knowing this would be a fight and their reign could be short if they weren’t careful. Rick Knox was the referee for that match, someone who has called countless Young Bucks matches in Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Lee was starting with Matt and throwing a jump kick – and Matt came out of the dodge.

Swerve and Nick were going to hit the ring, and Nick finally met someone who could match his speed. He headed for the apron, and Nick turned around on the floor only to have Swerve in his face. An arm drag in the ring would lead to an armbar, before Starks intervened. Matt hit the ring and took a back elbow, before going for the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes, with Swerve caught in the fourth.

Hobbs and Lee would throw Matt aside, before Starks and Nick tried to beat Lee – but were thrown out. Swerve and Lee would work together to set up an uppercut to the neck, before Lee was used to pull Swerve off the top rope. Starks & Hobbs would take Swerve down with a big dropkick, before Starks put the pressure on in the corner.

Team Taz show off their skills

Nick would score and Swerve would be beaten into the Young Bucks corner. A Young Bucks neckbreaker-backbreaker would land, before he blocked a double dropkick with his own kick. Lee would get the tag and clear the ring, before looking for a floor dive and being stopped by Team Taz.

Lee was catching a dive from Nick and power bombarding him on his brother. Spirit Bomb in the ring was blocked, before Hobbs intervened – and nearly got hit by a massive superplex. He was fighting free with the headbutts, clearing half the ring with a Bullfrog Splash for a two count.

Nick got the tag, but Team Taz hit a Doomsday Device cutter for a two count. Matt & Swerve scored, and a big backbreaker and lariat would follow. Swerve was pushed into the corner, before taking a super kick from the Young Bucks.

Lee threw a superkick party and would pick himself up right away. Starks & Young Bucks hit a triple superkick, before the Young Bucks knocked it out. Hobbs was used to take out the referee – and the AEW World Tag Team Championship belt was in the ring.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland go for it all

Starks would stop the attack with a superkick, before Starks hit a superkick. Swerve got it with the pumpkick, before taking a low kick. Matt would hit Lee & Hobbs with the belt before getting a two count on Swerve.

BTE Trigger was set and would land on Swerve – only for Starks to make the save. Lee would block the Meltzer Driver and hit the Swerve Stomp with Swerve – but Hobbs & Starks made the save. Hobbs hit the Last Will & Testament Spinebuster on four men in a row – one after the other.

Swerve would be caught with a Starks roll up, before the Roshambo was set up. He would lose Swerve, before nailing a spear – with Nick Jackson making the save this time. Lee would send Hobbs to the ground, before Starks punched him in the ear – only for Swerve to bounce off Lee with a moonsault.

Lee hit the pounce on Swerve, before diving to the ground. Swerve Stomp in the ring on Starks would land – and WE HAVE NEW CHAMPIONS! Swerve In Our Glory is the AEW World Tag Team Champion!

Will the Young Bucks get their revenge at All Out? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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