Amazon SAFE-T Communication Center launched this week



On Thursday, July 15 of this week, Amazon will launch the SAFE-T Communication Center to enhance the SAFE-T complaints handling experience. Seller Central’s SAFE-T Communication Center is a single point of contact for all complaint-related communications, eliminating the need to respond by email or search for SAFE-T complaint communications in your inbox. , Win time.

SAFE-T, short for Seller Assurance for e-commerce transactions, was launched to streamline reimbursement requests. You can request a refund for up to 30 days from the buyer, but not before the refund is processed. A valid claim is that if the buyer returns another item or a damaged item, or if the buyer abuses the return process to obtain a free return, Amazon will refund the item without requesting its return. In some cases, you may have sent a replacement product but the refund has not yet been processed.

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Amazon Refund Details

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SAFE-T Communication Center FAQ

Will this launch change the way we open new claims?

No, the process for filing a complaint has not changed. Go to the Manage SAFE-T Claims page in Seller Central and click Submit New SAFE-T Claims.

How to access the SAFE-T Communication Center?

Go to the Manage SAFE-T Complaints page in Seller Central and click the View Message button to open the SAFE-T Communication Center. From there you can read and reply to messages and download attachments.

How do I know there is a new message?

Whenever the status of a complaint changes, you will receive an email notification with a link to each complaint in Seller Central or in Seller Central[SAFE-Tクレームの管理]Manually access the page and the various tabs linked to the report ([すべて],[セラーの応答待ち],[解決済み],[調査中]) Can also be confirmed. Complaints that have changed status or require a response will be highlighted accordingly.

How do I know when to respond or appeal a complaint?

[SAFE-Tクレームの管理]The page indicates when you must respond to an open complaint (see Defendants).

How can I dispute a resolved complaint?

You can dispute a resolved complaint by responding directly to the complaint at the SAFE-T Communication Center.

Will there be any changes to SAFE-T’s billing policy with this launch?

No, with this launch Amazon will not be changing its Premier Refund Policy for the Seller.

What about existing allegations that were responded to by email?

All previous communications regarding outstanding and resolved complaints are available at the SAFE-T Communication Center.

Amazon SAFE-T Communication Center launched this week

Amazon SAFE-T Communication Center launched this week



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