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Content Disclaimer: This article contains a mention of drug addiction.

After meeting Derek’s sister, Amelia, the Private practice, Grey’s Anatomy fans found her story heartbreaking and intriguing. Amelia has a history of drug abuse and while she Private practice, she falls in love with Ryan and they are delighted to learn that they are waiting for her. Amelia gives birth to a brainless baby boy, and he tragically dies, a moment that naturally stays with her.

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During his time on Grey’s Anatomy, Amelia changes a lot, because she finds love with Owen then Link and decides that she can become a mother. It’s interesting to watch Amelia’s first appearance in Season 7 and compare it to the Season 17 finale to see her growth.

ten Amelia and Derek just can’t get along

Split image of Mark and Amelia standing and Derek, Meredith, Cristina and Amelia standing together on Grey's Anatomy

The Season 7 episode “Superfreak” sees Amelia visiting Derek in the hospital and things go from bad to worse. As Amelia wants to have the operation, Derek removes his name from the operating table. Fans learn that when Amelia was younger, she drove her car and ruined it because she was under the influence.

Fans know Amelia has had many tragic moments on Grey’s Anatomy, and this story is a painful reminder of everything she’s been through. While fans sympathize with Amelia’s story, Derek is definitely acting very harshly towards his sister here. Amelia is both strong and vulnerable at this point, wishing her brother would understand her and show her love for her.

9 Amelia takes care of Meredith and Derek’s children at a crossroads

Amelia looks surprised while holding Meredith's baby in Grey's Anatomy

Amelia returns in the season 11 episode “Change Of Heart” with a big decision to make. She plans to marry her partner James and is not sure if she can settle down and have children. She visits and takes care of Meredith and Derek’s little ones for a while.

This is a turning point for the character, as she finds it difficult to be with children and feels she can’t marry James or start a family. Fans know Amelia will change her mind later, but at this point in her arc, she’s raw and terrified.

8 Amelia and Owen’s love story begins

Season 11 is the start of Amelia and Owen’s romance. They act like they’re not very serious with each other at first, but viewers can tell they have a special spark.

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Amelia may have thought that she could never fall in love after Ryan again, but James and Owen teach her that she is capable of taking care of others. She doesn’t necessarily seem ready to commit to Owen here, but viewers can tell that she’s trying to figure out how much she cares about him.

7 Amelia mourns Derek’s death

Owen hugging Amelia after Derek's death in Grey's Anatomy

Of all the Grey’s Anatomy episodes with the death of a main character, “How To Save A Life” of season 11 is particularly sad. After Derek’s fatal car crash, Amelia is absolutely devastated. She finds it hard to accept that she will never see her brother again, and she really wishes they had a better relationship.

Owen is Amelia’s rock here and she’s starting to care about him even more. Fans swoon over this couple at this point in the series, knowing that they’ve reunited at exactly the right time. But while Amelia has a strong partner in Owen, fans know things will only get worse for this character.

6 Her marriage is not going well

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) in

As Amelia and Owen tie the knot at the end of Season 12, Amelia is scared, and she hardly makes it through. Their relationship didn’t progress much afterward, with Amelia running away and wondering if she could start a family with Owen in the future.

Viewers know that Amelia’s past is starting to catch up with her. She can’t run away from her emotions, although she can try, and the loss of her first baby will continue to haunt her.

5 She realizes she has a brain tumor

Amelia Lying in Hospital Bed with Brain Tumor with Owen on Grey's Anatomy

There’s a lot to know about Amelia’s background, but one of her biggest stories comes when she finds out she has a brain tumor. This is a huge deal because it is supposed to explain why Amelia used to act.

Amelia grows up a lot after that, because there’s a reason for her behavior, and she doesn’t have to be the same person she always has been. If she can regain her health, she can change and become a better person.

4 Amelia befriends Betty and Leo

Amelia sits with Owen, Leo and Betty in Grey's Anatomy

Amelia’s life changes when she meets Leo, a little boy Owen begins to care for. She also meets Betty, Leo’s mother. This story takes a very dramatic turn when Betty’s mom and dad want to raise Leo, and Owen loves her so much that he wants to be her caregiver.

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Fans love to see Amelia and Owen with baby Leo. It’s powerful to watch Amelia grow more confident and maybe have a child someday. She definitely seems more mature, calm and ready for the future.

3 She doesn’t know who the father of her baby is

Owen and Amelia chat at Grey's Anatomy Hospital

When Amelia learns that she is pregnant, she and Link are so thrilled, and it seems like things are finally going well in Amelia’s world. But then it turns out that she doesn’t know if Owen or Link is the baby’s father. The fact that it could be one or the other makes this situation intense.

It’s hard for that to happen to Amelia, as she definitely suffered after losing her first baby, and fans want the navigation to go smoothly for her here. Viewers think things can still work out for Amelia, but worry about her.

2 Amelia’s life changes forever when she becomes a mother

At the end of Season 16, Amelia has her baby boy and calls him Scout, and fans can tell that she and Link will be amazing parents.

This marks a huge transformation for this Grey’s Anatomy character. She is finally a parent, and it had been a long time since she thought she could handle having a baby. Viewers know that Amelia was afraid of motherhood because her baby boy was born without a brain and ended up tragically dying. But now she has a Baby Boy Scout and she feels at peace.

1 Amelia says no to Link’s marriage proposal

Grey's Anatomy Link Amelia's Proposal

Fans see reasons for and against Amelia and Link’s romance. In the season 17 finale, Link asks Amelia to marry him, and she says no. In some ways, it’s a shock because they look perfect together.

But Amelia is a new person now that she’s a mother, and after talking to Richard, she realizes that it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t want to have another child and if she doesn’t want a life where it settles down completely. She can tell that she and Link have different dreams for the future and that she wants to be fair to him.

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