Anatomy of a Meeting | Letters to the Editor


Banning’s December 1 planning committee meeting proved once again that the city is not interested in the opinions, health or well-being of its citizens.

Viewers and viewers of the city’s local channel were treated to a grueling presentation of the developers who used old stats in their favor and simple changes to their plan to keep the project going, hoping things like a path of golf cart would somehow alleviate the worst problem. , which is truck traffic. Not once has anyone sat in a chair along Highland Springs Avenue and clicked on the traffic numbers.

The developers believed they had fully impressed the audience by handing over to a line of knowledgeable citizens of the hardest hit area of ​​Banning, the Sun Lakes Country Club and others in the surrounding communities who will also be subjected to the horrors of this project. .

Those expressing their concerns had three minutes; most of them being cut before they can even get their best evidence. The three men were sitting there, staring into the distance, knowing they already had their answer. They just followed the movements. Not once has a commissioner arrested a citizen to even ask him where you got these statistics. Then they suggested that traffic lights could be attached to allow an ambulance or fire truck to pass quickly. Beaumont manages these lights, yet no one had spoken to the city.

Then someone indicated that the ban wanted to clear the project before building roads or putting a fire station and ambulance service on the south side of the highway or doing a new pollution study in using new numbers from better traffic study.

Once the citizens had their moment, the commissioners held a public meeting and asked a few simple questions but none on the issues raised by the people. Some people shouted how they were treated and one commissioner got angry and brought his motion, which everyone could see by the wording was already sitting there on his desk.

Everyone knows we are all going to die, but with this project it will be sooner rather than later. How are people elected to take responsibility for the people and then do what they want?

Nick Polcino, Prohibition


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