Anatomy Of A Scandal Viewers Praise Series For Highlighting Right To Withdraw Consent


Warning: major spoilers for Anatomy of a Scandal ahead.

fans of Anatomy of a Scandal are full of praise for the new Netflix thriller, after exploring the importance of verbal consent and a person’s right to withdraw consent during sex.

The six-part series tells the story of Minister in Parliament James Whitehouse and his wife Sophie, whose lives are turned upside down when a shocking allegation embroils their family in major scandal.

After deciding to support her husband James (Rupert Friend) amid allegations that he cheated on her with his assistant Olivia (Naomi Scott), Sophie (Sienna Miller) is stunned when she learns that Olivia cheated on her. accused of rape and plans to take him to court.

What James described as a trivial affair is soon described by Olivia as something much more, when she confesses in court that she was in love with him. She alleges that a week after calling off their affair, James sexually assaulted her in the House of Commons.

Because he once had a consensual physical relationship with Olivia, it becomes clear that James thinks all of his actions were entirely consensual, even after their affair ended.

After pleading not guilty in court, James later lies in his testimony and denies hearing Olivia say the words “not here” during the incident.

The series highlights a person’s right to withdraw consent. (Credit: Netflix)

Reacting to the gripping series, fans took to Twitter with buckets of praise, thanking the creators for opening up the discussion about sexual consent and reminding viewers that consent can be withdrawn at any time.

One tweeted: “#AnatomyOfAScandal shines a light on the journey from ‘yes’ to ‘no’ during sex and how rarely it is considered rape. The series is educational as much as it reminds It’s up to society to understand the nuances of consent. Damn good series!”

A second impressed viewer wrote: “Olivia’s depiction of rape is so heartbreaking because I bet more women than you think have been through it. You’ve done everything to resist and fight back but they’re going from l before and do. They don’t think it’s rape but it is. She withdrew her consent. #AnatomyOfAScandal”.

(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)

Meanwhile, a third fan posted: “What makes #AnatomyOfAScandal scary is that most women have been through situations like the ones described but never call it rape. Equally scary is the number of men who feel the same as James. Boys need to learn to listen to verbal and non-verbal cues from their partners.”

Fans took to Twitter with buckets of praise for the series.  (Credit: Netflix)
Fans took to Twitter with buckets of praise for the series. (Credit: Netflix)

Another added: “Just binged #AnatomyOfAScandal on Netflix and it’s honestly one of the few shows I’ve really enjoyed in the past few months. One of the most thought provoking insights into laws and practices in matters of sexual consent. 10/10”.

The six episodes of Anatomy of a Scandal are available to watch now on Netflix.


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