Anatomy of a Tomahawk Dunk by Terrence Shannon Jr.


It’s been great fun watching Terrence Shannon Jr. grow and improve over the past three seasons. He was one of the most athletic and dynamic players at Texas Tech. However, this season has been difficult to watch as Shannon has missed several games due to lingering injuries. The missed time hurt his ability to regain his best form and regain chemistry with his teammates.

In Saturday’s game, the Chicago Southpaw changed everyone’s mind about their status going forward. After the crowd fell silent after Kevin McCullar had to be helped off the field with a leg injury, Terrence Shannon Jr. got a steal and went the distance for a thunderous Tomahawk dunk that sent the crowd into a frenzy. Tech had trailed for most of the first half against TCU by a whopping 12 points. Tech had started to cut that lead before McCullar fell to the ground. Everyone was stunned and when play resumed the atmosphere seemed ominous until Shannon’s dunk. Terrence Shannon Jr. sent a message to fans that told everyone in the US and on TV, “I’m Back.” I also think there was a silent message sent to TCU at the height of a 12-point loss to Texas Tech.

(Photo: Steven Chapman, 247Sports)


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