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Ant Anstead can’t hide much from his teenage children Amelie, 18, and Archie, 15, including his happiness with girlfriend Renée Zellweger.

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Tuesday, The Radford’s Return star shared with We Weekly that his children, whom he shares with his ex-wife Louise Storey, can “feel” whether he is “happy or not” in a relationship, adding, “No one knows you better than your children… They are my children.” They are part of my DNA. You can’t fake it with your kids.

Anstead has been dating Zellweger since 2021, the same year he and Christina Haack, the mother of his 2-year-old son Hudson, finalized their divorce. In the interview, Anstead stressed the importance of communication with his teenagers, noting that “nothing is off-topic” between them.

“I have a real honest and open relationship with all of my kids, especially the older ones,” Anstead said. We weekly. “We have a WhatsApp group, which is called Best Friends because that’s what we are. We talk like best friends. I treat them like adults. No topic is off [the table]. Over the years my children and I have had serious conversations, talking about life and dating etc. My kids approach me all the time for advice and it’s a testament to the kind of relationship I have with them.

In keeping with keeping no secrets from his children, Anstead shared that his teenagers first met Zellweger on FaceTime and then during an in-person visit over Christmas – which was also Anstead’s first time seeing Amélie and Archie. in over two years due to COVID -19 lockdowns.

“They had been fortunate enough to meet many, many times on FaceTime,” he said. “So it wasn’t a case of, ‘Hey, here’s someone new.’ It was all very organic… It was really nice. They came for three weeks. We just went off and made sure we had some time together. It was amazing.”

Things seem to be working well for Anstead and Zellweger, and we love seeing how involved the kids are in their relationship!

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