Are Grey’s Anatomy fans missing something by skipping Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team?


“Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team” didn’t try to entice viewers with promises of medical miracles or steamy dates. Instead, “B-Team” represents the totally unglamorous aspects of medicine, as Dr. Alex Karev helpfully put it. Explain: blood, bedpans and vomiting.

For six short webisodes, the miniature spin-off served as light respite from some of the heaviest plot-heavy parallels to “Grey’s Anatomy.” Still, “Grey’s” fans could happily skip “B-Team” and follow the main series.

Although “B-Team” is a jumpable entry into the “Grey’s Anatomy” universe, the web series provides a nostalgic deja vu for viewers who missed Dr. Bailey taking orders from underlings. “It’s also a throwback to the pilot episode of the entire series,” said ‘B-Team’ director Sarah Drew, who also played Dr. April Kepner in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (via The Pompeo Method). “It was our original interns’ entire first day, so we kind of had to recreate the vibe of that a bit too.” If the premise leans into “Grey” nostalgia, so does the “B-Team” soundtrack. “We even use some of the music from the original pilot episode,” Drew said. “It was fun to do some little throwbacks there.”


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