Are Jo’s money problems really so unrealistic?


Grey’s Anatomy is not really known for its realism. After all, how many plane crashes can a group of people suffer? The team at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital have been affected by two separate plane crashes, which appear to be much higher than average.

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When Jo had money problems and had to sell his shares to the hospital, some fans screamed scandal. Surely a doctor would have enough money to cover all the necessary expenses?

Jo needed to sell his shares for a lawyer

In the final final season of Grey’s, Jo decided to do whatever it took to adopt Luna, a sick baby she had taken care of. It meant selling his hospital shares to get an adoption lawyer. Jo has been trying to adopt Luna for some time. Luna was a miracle baby who grew up outside her mother’s womb. She gave birth by surgery at 26 weeks gestation, which is dangerously premature.

Like many premature babies, Luna had her fair share of health issues in the first few weeks of her life. Sadly, her mother never recovered from the operation and died while Luna was still in the NICU. While in the hospital, Jo fell in love with her.

Jo decided to fight for custody of Luna and finally got it. But custody was an uphill battle for Jo, and that meant liquidating her assets as much as possible so she could afford a lawyer. Fans don’t think Jo’s money problems are realistic, given his impressive position in the hospital.

Fans think Jo’s money problems are unrealistic

Grey’s Reddit fans believe that a surgeon at a large hospital wouldn’t need to sell anything to be able to afford a lawyer. While the whole story of Luna in gestation outside of her mother’s womb is far-fetched, fans find it hard to imagine that Jo is hurting for the money. Some fans see this as a common plot hole in Grey’s. Many docs have roommates, which seems unnecessary given the likely level of their salaries.

But other fans may buy Jo’s money problem, especially given Seattle’s high cost of living and student loans. One fan estimated that Jo probably earns $ 200,000 a year. Another fan replied, “It’s not a huge enough salary that she has a ton of money to hang around. Seattle is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. Additionally, Jo has gone from surgery to OB, which means she has become a resident again. She would likely have suffered a substantial pay cut as a result of the change.

Most of Jo’s monthly income could be spent on student loans

Although Redditors estimated Jo’s annual salary to be around $ 200,000, according to Comparably, it is probably between $ 160,000 and $ 187,000, since Jo went back to a residency period. It’s still a lot of money, but as fans have pointed out, Seattle is expensive. Plus, as another fan wrote, student loans for doctors are huge. Medical school is expensive and Jo could still pay the price.

Student Loan Hero claims that without an income-based repayment plan, medical school graduates could pay more than $ 2,000 per month for their loans. That, plus the cost of living, may have left Jo a bit short of an adoption lawyer.

Then there is the adoption lawyer himself. While some adoptions are straightforward, Luna’s probably wasn’t one of them. It was probably what is called an independent adoption since Jo did not go through an agency. According to FindLaw, this type of adoption can range from $ 8,000 to $ 40,000. If we assume that Luna’s adoption fell somewhere in the middle, it makes sense that Jo had to sell her shares to pay for a lawyer.

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