As Afghans bury those killed in Kabul attack, feelings of abandonment and anger against the United States increase



Jane Ferguson:

It is not believed, Amna, that anyone will be able to realistically leave this airport now.

We know the Taliban prevented people from going there. The Americans have said not to go, unless – even American passport holders, it’s not clear whether they can get to the airport or whether they need to shelter in place.

But – so we’re not – it’s just not an option for the Afghans. But even before this explosion, it was becoming nearly impossible for anyone without a green card or US passport to pass.

We know that the traditional overland routes out of the country are still overrun with people, many to Pakistan, the Torkham and Spin Buldak borders. These are the border posts that people usually pass through whenever there is peace – more peaceful times, at least, between the two countries.

There are family ties between the two parties where people go for medical treatment or for trade. However, at present it is believed that the Taliban also tried to prevent people from leaving in this way. So this trip is perilous. This does not put off the tens of thousands of people who would try to cross that border, often using smugglers or crossing illegally right now, and braving Taliban attacks, as people are still determined, perhaps more determined than ever. , to escape the violence here.



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