Batman’s Wingsuit Makes More Sense Than What Bale Used In The TDK Movies


The Batman of 2022 features Pattinson’s hero gliding around using a wingsuit, far more realistic and practical than anything Bale used in The Dark Knight.

DC The Batman was revealed to feature the Caped Crusader using a wingsuit, a device that makes much more sense than the wings used in The black Knight movies. The intense offshoot of the current DCEU canon, starring Robert Pattinson as Batman, is meant to lean into mystery and realism, the latter being the main hallmark of the gritty hit. Black Knight series, in turn starring Christian Bale. The wingsuit featured in The Batman can be a key element in taking the character in a satisfying and innovative new direction, essential to the success of the DCEU.

The vigilante Batman is an icon of the superhero genre, not least because of his signature gadgets. Grappling hooks, bat-shaped throwing stars and handy inventions galore adorn the hero’s utility belt, but most important are the devices Batman uses to hover or fly, the closest ability he’s got. real superpowers. As depicted in the comics, Batman usually has a cape which can be extended like wings or a parachute or otherwise fitted into a gliding device. Despite Batman’s extreme wealth, however, a device like this would be impractical and unrealistic outside the confines of movie magic, and potentially dangerous to use.


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The Batman seems to have addressed the implausibility of Batman’s ability to fly, giving his version of the hero a wingsuit, as seen in The BatmanThe newly released Funko figures. Wingsuits are real devices, suits with fabric stretched between the arms and legs. The increased surface area provided by the fabric allows individuals to generate more lift and glide through the air, an ability similar to that of flying squirrels. The wingsuits are specially designed for use in BASE jumping or jumping safely from high places like buildings, a simple and convenient device for Batman’s purposes. Pattinson’s Batman use of a wingsuit makes perfect sense, or at least a lot more so than Bale’s flying contraption.

The Dark Knight Christain Bale slips with his cape.

In The black Knight, Bale’s Batman wields a cape with electrostatic properties, capable of stiffening into a functional glider when the hero sends an electric charge through the fabric. Sadly, The black KnightThe device is more science fiction than reality; although somewhat possible in the future, stiffening fabric is only a practical aesthetic effect. While technically the type of glider formed by Batman’s cape would be capable of flight, Batman would not be able to realistically slow its descent or control its overall speed, which would prove extremely impractical and dangerous to the hero. Overall, the winged cape is far inferior to the much more usable wingsuit of The Batman.

However, we must recognize the fidelity of The black Knight‘s heading to its source material; Bale’s built-in glider wings were undoubtedly Batman. Pattinson’s wingsuit, while more realistic, is less iconic of the classic hero look. Judging by this aesthetically innovative and resolutely realistic choice of the filmmakers, it seems The Batman will stand out as distinctly different from any previous Batman film.

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