Biden says he’s ‘disappointed’ Supreme Court blocked his ‘common sense’ employer vaccine mandate


Following Supreme Court decision 6-3 vs his vaccine or test mandate with his large employer, but in favour out of a mandate for healthcare workers, President Biden released a response commenting on Thursday’s decision.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the requirement for healthcare workers will save lives,” Biden wrote, “the lives of patients seeking care in medical facilities, as well as the lives of doctors, nurses and others who work there. ”

However, the president said he was “disappointed that the Supreme Court chose to block vital common sense requirements for employees of large companies that were squarely based on both science and the law.” He noted that his administration’s policy was designed to allow employees in large companies to opt out of the vaccination, provided they test themselves once a week and wear a mask at work. “A very modest burden,” Biden said.

Although the court ruled against the administration, the president noted that he will not stop “using my voice as president to advocate for employers to do what it takes to protect health and safety. ‘American economy’. He then called on business leaders to “join those who have already stepped up” and implement their own immunization requirements.

“We must continue to work together if we are to save lives, keep people working and put this pandemic behind us. ”


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