Big Brother spoilers: HoH winner revealed on live streams


John Powell –

A guest has outsmarted, foiled and definitely outlasted the other players.

Guests took part in another version of the wall, the head of household competition called Whale of a Time, which started on the eviction show live and ended on the live streams. This time it was a whale watching and cruise ship theme. Not only did the wall tilt as usual, but there was artificial rain and vomit (slime) sprayed on them.

The battle of attrition lasted a meager 1 hour and 23 minutes with Derek Xiao overtaking the others and winning the title of head of the family.

Derek Frazier was the first to drop to 10 minutes and 7 seconds. Claire followed at 29 minutes and 44 seconds.

Hannah and Sarah Beth fell around the same time at 42 minutes and 33 seconds. A few minutes later, it was Kyland who fell to 57 minutes and 43 seconds leaving Xavier, Derek Xiao, Alyssa, Azah and Tiffany on the wall.

Azah fell to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Tiffany fell shortly after at 1 hour and 17 minutes.

“Can you go for a while?” Alyssa asked Derek Xiao.

“It’s more and more difficult,” he admitted.

“Derek, won’t you put me up if I do (drop it)?” Alyssa asked.

When Derek confirmed he wouldn’t, Alyssa gave up at 1 hour and 21 minutes. Derek Xiao and Xavier had to fight.

“You already had it once. Don’t be greedy about it, ”Derek Xiao joked to Xavier.

“Aren’t you putting me up? Xavier asked.

” I will not do it ! I promise! ”Said Derek Xiao.

Xavier then launched the contest to him.

Derek Xiao and Kyland spoke in the storage room to celebrate the victory.

“All I agreed to was not to host Xavier or Alyssa,” Derek Xiao told Kyland.

Derek explained to Kyland that Xavier also asked him not to host kings either.

“I didn’t agree with that,” Derek said.

On the live eviction show, Oregon makeup artist Whitney Williams was the fourth to vote. Whitney was sent home by unanimous vote.

Host Julie Chen-Moonves told guests on the live eviction show that not only is the Wildcard competition over for the season, but the team’s turn as well. Chen-Moonves promised viewers that there was another twist coming next Thursday that would see them play a big part in how the week unfolded.

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