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PEOSTA, Iowa – No family is immune from having difficult conversations.

Rena Striegel, President of Transition Point Business Advisors, encouraged farm families to promote open communication, during a webinar hosted by AgriSafe.

“While people may seem good at difficult conversations, no one really likes them,” Striegel said. “No matter your personality type, no matter how daring you are, everyone needs to train themselves to become better and more effective in dealing with tough things. It takes practice.

“The sooner we fix problems, the easier they are to fix. “

Over time, problems that start out as “little monsters” turn into major problems.

“It can start with a behavior or an attitude, something involving one person,” Striegel said. “But before too long, the problem becomes less easy to identify.

“It’s getting harder to talk about it. A lot of emotions start to creep in. When emotion is involved in these conversations, it makes the situation worse.

The moral of the story: early intervention is good.

Striegel shared five steps to take when difficult conversations need to take place:

1. Identify the root of the problem. Separate the emotion from the facts.

2. Clarify the result. Explain the result you are looking for.

3. Describe your message.

4. Select the step. Pick the right time and place to have the conversation.

5. Agree. If there is not a complete resolution of the problem, insert a pin in it so that you can go back to the problem and correct it.

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