Captain Marvel Writer Admits Part Of ‘Dark Carol’ Costume Makes No Sense


Captain Marvel is smart and powerful, but his dark “maleficent” costume has one detail that makes absolutely no sense … and his writer knows it.

by marvel Captain marvel is one of the strongest and most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, but even she can occasionally meet an enemy she can’t defeat: absurd costume design. Carol Danvers, although she’s only known as Captain Marvel for a decade or so, has a long history of heroism in the Marvel Universe, and as such has worn several costumes over the decades. But longtime writer Kelly Thompson recently admitted in an interview that Carol’s “evil” costume had one detail that made very little sense.

Captain Marvel has a long history of questionable costume choices. As Ms. Marvel, she fought crime in what appeared to be a red / black unitard with an open stomach. She would later switch to an all-black “swimsuit” design with a yellow lightning bolt design (a sort of emblem that would later be used by Kamala Khan, without the swimsuit design). She eventually adopted the now classic blue costume with a red belt when she became Captain Marvel – but she wore other costumes in the role, including a green Star Force uniform and a used “dark” villain costume. under the control of the evil Vox Supreme.


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In an interview between Kelly Thompson and Lee Garbett, the couple discussed Captain Marvel’s latest evil costume. Concretely, Kelly talks about the makeup of Carol’s eyes under the mask: “I remember one impractical thing about Captain Marvel’s “Dark Carol” design was the dark eyes / under-eye “warpaint makeup” – it literally doesn’t make sense, but sometimes you just want to do something because it looks cool . You, me and our editor Sarah all loved it, despite us, so we kept it. “

Captain Marvel Vox Supreme

Thompson refers to the “star” of Carol’s eyeshadow under the red visor. Indeed, the costume controlled Carol and nothing underneath – but as the creative team agreed, it sometimes seems to trump logistics in the comics. More than a handful of costumes are hideously impractical fights, and superheroes with capes in particular would struggle to tackle real-world crime. But Carol’s costume, with clean lines and a red / black color scheme, serves to convey a “devilish” look.

Captain Marvel was powerful enough to quickly shake off his evil costume (although it is slowing its return in recent issues as a form of control over other Marvel’s). As a character, Carol’s complexity is realistic enough to balance out the fantasy world of superheroes. Given her odd history with costume changes in the Silver and Dark Ages of comics, Captain marvel had a lot of worse costumes than her evil costume, “evil” eyeshadow or not.

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