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The recently seen rolling road signs on King and Mountain streets warning motorists to slow down in school zones at 15 mph have created confusion as to whether those zones are being enforced differently this summer compared to previous years.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that, according to motorists, the hours of operation of the zones are not consistent, occurring at different times and days throughout the week.

The regular school year was interrupted for summer vacation for almost a month; however, temporary notice boards have flashed an additional school zone on King and Mountain streets since the school closed.

Sean Palamar, a deputy sheriff in the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, said the rolling school zone signs are in effect on King Street and Mountain Street due to ongoing summer classes at Bordewich Bray and Fritsch Elementary Schools , which began on June 7.

Rolling signs are only deployed to random locations where a summer school area may need an application, which is confusing for motorists who may not be aware of their speed in those areas and are likely to be arrested by the police.

Palamar said he was not aware of any public statements from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office to educate the public about these school zone enforcement signs.

“As far as I know, school zones remain in effect as long as the summer school is (in session), as long as the children are there,” Palamar said. “High school had summer school for a little while, so we were applying it there.”

School zone signage along Saliman Road, including permanent flashing signs and crosswalks, can be turned on and off when necessary, for example during heavy foot traffic in the morning and after. midday.

In addition, flashing school zone signs are applied on Fairview Drive, near Empire Elementary School, strictly before and after school; not all day.

Palamar said law enforcement has now moved to King and Mountain streets near schools. These temporary school zone signs have been seen to impose speed limits throughout the day, but not just in the mornings and afternoons when children may be present on the street.

“If the rolling signs are there, it gives people a clue, like, ‘Hey, school zone, slow down, there are still kids here,’” said Palamar.

The summer school sessions in Bordewich also ended on Friday June 25, but the rolling signs are still on the streets. The Bordewich and Fritsch elementary school calendars have not been updated to reflect the summer school dates on their websites.

In 1992, the school zones in the Carson City School District were defined by the board of trustees and have not been reviewed for almost 30 years. The zones included before and after school motorist speed checks during high volumes of foot traffic.

In June 2020, the council passed a resolution to redesign school zones to improve road safety in and around certain schools. The resolution included Pioneer High School, the two colleges and the Fritsch Elementary School.

Resolution efforts were approved and put in place in October 2020, including the school zone enforcement from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session.

A mutual understanding of school zone applications between the school district and the sheriff’s office does not seem clear, as the signs are still in effect despite the summer school closing for several days.

According to Meg Ragonese, public information manager for the Nevada Department of Transportation, school zones are established as part of a collaboration between the local school district, law enforcement and public works.

Ragonese said drivers should know that school zone traffic laws are in effect and enforceable regardless of the time of year the school zone traffic lights flash.

Whether on wheels or two feet, road safety is a shared responsibility. Beyond the age-old safety tips for being mindful and sharing the road, NDOT reminds community members to follow these school zone road safety laws:

  • By state law, vehicles may not turn around or pass other vehicles, even on multi-lane roads, when in an active school zone or school crossing zone.
  • Stop to / do not pass school buses that stop to pick up or let out students.
  • Per state law, drivers cannot stop, park, or park a vehicle on or within 20 feet of a crosswalk to allow better visibility of people crossing.

More information on Nevada’s road safety laws can be found here.



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