Chapek on health and safety: Disney has “the ultimate sense of responsibility”



Disney’s superpower is storytelling. So many of their fans know that. But as we’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemic lift its head, decline and return, it seems Disney has a second powerful trait: responsibility. Given the challenges that Disney Parks have faced during the ongoing pandemic, attendance has been strong and Disney has been firm with its safety policies, contributing to a culture of accountability.

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek on Health and Safety: The Ultimate Sense of Responsibility

Bob Chapek at Goldman Sachs

The resurgence of COVID and the Delta variant has challenged Disney theme parks in terms of balancing health, safety and attendance, but as Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, shared today Today, Disney made a commitment to park visitors and members of the cast that they would operate in a responsible manner.

As parks slowly began to reopen (and in foreign countries, close and reopen again), visitors trusted Disney to keep them safe while having fun. Various measures have been taken, such as plexiglass dividers, social distancing markers, mask warrants and other miscellaneous rules. As Disney began to remove some of these regulations, the COVID Delta variant once again impacted attendance with a slowdown in the number of guests coming to the parks.

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Chapek notes as Labor Day approached, the parks began to recover again and guests continued to congregate around Disney, adopting responsible behavior and not showing immense hindsight. In an interview for Goldman Sachs’ 30th Annual Communacopia Conference, Bob Chapek shared his thoughts on these events:

“We frankly haven’t seen any backsliding from guests as we have reinstated mask requirements in our indoor facilities. Our guests have been extraordinarily pleasant and compliant, I guess, with the health and safety measures with which we have sort of paved the way.

From the onset of the pandemic, we made a commitment to our guests and cast members to operate responsibly and although we have reopened our parks at various times around the world, in some cases we have had to close and reopen, we ‘I’ve always done with a sense of ultimate responsibility to the people entrusted to us.

And I think that has paid dividends in terms of trust for our guests, and our guests are coming back to us at the same time. “

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We thank Disney for always paying attention to safety, Disney’s number one key value. And likewise, we are very pleased to hear that Disney park visitors and diehard fans are happy to comply with Disney’s health and safety demands. It gives us hope for the future and continues to hold the Walt Disney Company in our hearts.

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