Christmas brings a sense of renewed hope to Waverly


WAVERLY, Tennessee (WKRN) – Four months after a devastating flood that claimed the lives of 20 people in Humphreys County, the town of Waverly remains resilient and strong.

Many homes and businesses are a shadow of what they once were and remain empty.

Many people interviewed by News 2 see this Christmas as a reminder of what they’ve been through. In addition, they are grateful to spend time with their loved ones.

Outside of the Waverly Cash Saver there was a group of people fundraising for their ministry. Three women told News 2 that their home was damaged by the flooding.

“People have really come together to bless us,” said Jenny Gosa of Hope Center Ministries. “They gave of their time, money and energy to restore our home to what it was before the flood.

Other people I have met have spoken of their experiences with the flooding, including a woman who survived on top of her roof.

“Water started to squirt out of the vents, just pouring in,” recalls Angie Gantlett. “I got up on the roof, then Joel from Nashville rescued me.”

Gantlett lost her home in the flood, but said family and friends helped her recover. She is very grateful for the help.

Waverly is a city that continues to overcome the impossible and shows how family-friendly the community is.


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