Common Sense Encouraged at Fourth of July Celebrations



Most of the 2020 Independence Day festivities have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but upon their return authorities this year urged people to be safe and avoid setting off fireworks in the House.

Many cities have public celebrations, including Tampa, where Boom by the bay will be held on Sunday. AT press conference on the eventTampa Fire Marshal John Reed said leaving the care to the pros is the safest way to celebrate.

“We really want to send a message and encourage everyone to come and enjoy the professional shows,” Reed said. “We have a lot of resulting injuries every year and the pros do a great job.”

He said Tampa will launch fireworks from six different filming locations, which means there will be places to see it all in city parks.

“We want to remind everyone that in any of the city parks there are no fireworks allowed, you cannot bring sparklers in the city parks,” he said. he declares. “So please leave them at home and go out and enjoy the big screen. “

While florida law Allows personal use of fireworks on July 4, New Years Eve and New Years, some jurisdictions including Pinellas County prohibit their use. Earlier this week, the Pinellas County government reiterated the danger of using recreational fireworks. If you use legal fireworks, such as sparklers and fountains, the county encourages you to:

• Read and understand all product warnings

• Never place any part of the body directly on an appliance when the fuse is ignited.

• Use sparklers only as intended outdoors

• Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of fire or other incident.

• After using legal fireworks, spray them with plenty of water from a bucket or hose before throwing them away.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said safety should also be considered during a public celebration. He said it was important to define a plan of action in advance.

For example, parking spaces are often chosen when the sun is still up, and the surroundings may seem unfamiliar when night falls and the event is over.

“The most important thing is to plan ahead. Know where you are going to park so you know where you are going, ”said Dugan.

Dugan also specifically warned parents to take precautions with children, especially as crowds may be “bigger than ever” now that pandemic lockdowns are over.

“If you are bringing a child, please take a picture of it with your smartphone, take a picture of it before you leave the house in case you disconnect or end up losing it,” he said. “If you have this photo, you can show it to the authorities, and we’ll know exactly what they’re wearing and what they look like. “



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