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Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to a letter from George Fisher, which appeared in the October 19 edition.

For the publisher:

I will only argue with you on two clearly misleading points.

First of all, it is obvious that your rebuttal and ideas are obtuse. Nothing that you mentioned about Biden’s accomplishments affects every person in this county. But, everyone buys food and heats their homes. Let your condemnation reason with it. Second, you can’t lie about someone’s death, Mr. Fisher. If a person died in a motorcycle accident and had COVID, they died from the accident, not from COVID. You must have been absent the day they explained it in CE2.

Right now, gravity has a strong grip on the Democrats, Liberals and Progressives who have jumped from the “wake up” plane without parachute. The smarter ones see the ground rise up quickly towards them and crawl on top of each other to let the diehards soften the blow when they hit the ground with common sense. Keep leading the way, Mr. Fisher, you’ll be the first to get there.

Michael C. Spahr


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