Communication from the RPS Superintendent to the school community regarding last night’s incident at Tiger Hollow during the RHS football game


This afternoon Ridgefield Public School (RPS) Superintendent Dr. Susie DaSilva wrote a letter to the school community regarding the incident which occurred last night at the RHS football game at Tiger Hollow.

“We are pleased to report that spectators present reported to RHS staff that an individual was acting suspiciously. RHS security, staff, together with the RPD, quickly isolated the individual from the stadium pitch. Once off the field, the RPD was able to assess the situation, and as written in the press release, the individual was identified and it was determined that there was no weapon. individual was posted off the property.

DaSilva explained that RHS works closely with the police to maintain a secure facility and plan events. “Thank you to the spectators who were not bystanders and who reported this individual to our staff.”

DaSilva added, “It is expected that all guests attending RPS events will participate in a respectful and safe manner. Anyone behaving otherwise will be asked to leave immediately. As always, we use each event as an opportunity to learn more about our procedures and fines adjust our protocols to ensure a fun and safe event for all attendees.”

You can read our report on the incident here.


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