Communication is key when talking about tragedies, expert says


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Explaining Tuesday’s deadly mass shootings to children could be difficult for parents nationwide.

For Priscilla Rodriguez, a Corpus Christi mother, it has been difficult to cope.

“As a parent, as a mother, it puts pressure on you because you have to guide your children through a world that we’re not sure of,” she said.

Rodriguez is from Eagle Pass, not far from Uvalde, and she said it hit her close to home.

His son Isamel said they had exercises at school following the mass shooting which claimed the lives of 21 innocent people.

“I got to school and I’m like, ‘what if something happens to us, what if someone breaks into the school and walks around brandishing guns at kids?'” he declared.

Remember to have these conversations with your children, always ask them how they are doing.

Dr. Elena Mikalsen, chief of pediatric psychology at San Antonio Children’s Hospital, says it’s important to pull your kids aside and ask them how they’re doing.

“You know, there was this event, just give them a brief information and then say ‘do you have any questions about this, something you want to talk about? Just give them an opportunity,” she said.

She added that communication is key in the aftermath of a tragic event. And addressing any concerns your child has can make a huge difference.


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