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The Netflix original series “Anatomy of a Scandal” hit TV screens across the United States on April 15. The suspenseful series explores one of society’s most controversial issues: sexual consent.

The series is set in London and follows the lives of a small group of Oxford alumni who land some of the highest government jobs. The privileged individuals each have a story to tell as the series depicts uncanny depths in the minds of the fictional characters created by Sarah Vaughan, who wrote the novel on which the series is based.

Kate Woodcroft, played by actress Michelle Dockery, is a fearless lawyer handling a high-profile case involving James Whitehouse, played by actor Rupert Friend. The court case involves serious rape allegations revealed by James’ former mistress, Olivia Lytton, played by actress Naomi Scott.

James learns of his sex scandal hitting the newspaper and warns his wife Sophie, played by actress Sienna Miller, of the misfortune that soon destroys their family. She keeps calm and goes about her day until the family’s publicist arrives at their house late in the evening, informing the couple of the damage a scandal could do to her husband’s social and political image.

The series graphically demonstrates the horrors of sexual assault and how wealth can free criminals from being held accountable for their wrongdoings.

The show’s elite group of main characters portray different depths of trauma and what it does to a person. Scandals, divorces and infidelities are just a glimpse of what the British series denotes.

Anatomy of a Scandal” uses metaphorical scenes to symbolize human emotions in the face of unpredictable conflict. The show’s creators, David Kelly and Melissa James Gibson, use distinctive approaches to capture audiences’ attention with the power of exaggeration.

The actresses of the series do a spectacular job of filling the roles of women in London who must prove themselves to society in a respectable way as their reputations are tested.

The suspense and mystery that unfolds episode after episode makes “Anatomy of a Scandal” a binge-worthy series.

“As far as the show draws us in, much of the credit goes to the actors – especially Dockery and Miller, who manage to find something raw and human among the show’s most ridiculous excesses as two women pushed to the limit emotionally by the pressures of the case,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote.

The series obtained an audience score of 44% as well as a score of 61% on the Tomatometer, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite its lackluster ratings, “Anatomy of a Scandal” is underrated, as the show depicts grim portrayals of men in power and women who suffer the consequences of their inaction.

“Great timing, Netflix. #AnatomyOfAScandal is a great portrayal of the twisted morals and mindset of the privileged. Hard to watch at times but damn brilliant,” wrote one Twitter user.

The series is a unique psychological thriller that looks at sexual assault through the eyes of a woman. Full of raw emotion, “Anatomy of a Scandal” is the show to watch. However, the six fast-paced episodes of the British series are intense and may trigger some.


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