CPD Briefs FCC Commissioner on How It’s Bringing Security Communication to Rural Wyoming


CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – On Tuesday, May 31, the Casper Police Department received a visit from Brendan Carr, one of the commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission. The Commissioner was accompanied for this presentation by US Senator John Barrasso.

CPD explained how they have partnered with FirstNet and AT&T to help officers and emergency responders strengthen safety communications in rural and remote areas. Commissioner Carr and Senator Barrasso also toured FirstNet’s SatCOLT truck which can be deployed to boost broadband power in emergencies such as natural disasters, such as wildfires, in remote locations. It can also be used for large gatherings and events where cell phone service may be overused and weakened.

In 2017, the Casper Police Department was the first law enforcement agency in the United States to adopt and partner with AT&T and FirstNet.

“We are absolutely taking the necessary steps to be ready in the event that we need to extend the reach of law enforcement outside of the City of Casper’s jurisdiction. Something that happens, apparently, at least once a week,” Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters said.

All agents wear devices that are linked to FirstNet services. This means the Department can get live, real-time data from agents in the field.

Chief McPheeters also said: ‘Right now we can call any of our police vehicles, find out where it is, find out the status of that vehicle, find out the specific data of that vehicle. We know where our officer is so that if an officer needs help, we can get help for that officer.

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