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Dark Sun Gwyndolin is arguably the most important character of the set Dark souls franchise. While his famous father Gwyn may have toppled the dragons and started the Age of Fire, Gwyndolin is the one who kept the flame of this society alight. As the mastermind of a plan to sacrifice the living dead to keep alive the age of his family’s self-proclaimed gods, he’s one of the few characters who really knows everything that’s going on in the realm of Lordran.

Yet despite being the closest thing Dark souls a to a primordial villain, there is a lot about Gwyndolin that remains a mystery. From his serpentine lower half to the full power of his mysterious lunar blessings, this great puppeteer is just as enigmatic as the Dark who frightens his loved ones. To shed some light on the mysteries surrounding it, let’s look behind the misty portal and take a closer look at the man in the shot.

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He has snakes on his feet

dark souls - gwyndolin

In what might be the most conspicuously unusual of Gwyndolin’s features, he has snakes that twist where the legs usually lie. Still, as uncomfortable as it might be to have a bottom half made up of vipers, it didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest. His teleportation compensates for any mobility issues, which, combined with his archery and sorcery, allows him to easily distance himself from potential enemies before striking from a distance.

How this happened is unknown. Some fans claim it is the result of a connection between the Dark Sun and his co-conspirator, the Primordial Serpent Kingseeker Frampt. Others suspect that this is an illusion that Gwyndolin himself created to appear more menacing, or perhaps a sign that the dragon Seath the Scaleless experienced on him. Alternatively, it could be a sign of her connection to a different character.

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It could be a cross

dark souls - yorshka

Gwyndolin’s finger is an unused item in Dark Souls III, the one who describes a “mixed race girl” who loved her brother, even after his destruction. This refers to his sister Yorshka, who has a tail, scales and weird tendrils sticking out of her face. She’s also not the only creature of her kind, as the first game featured a half-dragon, Crossbreed Priscilla.

As established, Gwyndolin has snakes coming from his body, which Dark souls‘lore described as “imperfect dragons”. Considering that and his relationship with Yorshka, it’s possible that he’s also kind of a crossover. Considering that his father waged a war with the dragons, this could be another reason he hated the boy. Of course, if this is true, it would raise the question of why Lordran’s most prominent dragon foe continues to spawn so many crosses.

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He is secretly sick

dark souls - gwyndolin

Like so many characters in Dark souls, Gwyndolin just can’t take a break. Despite being one of the most powerful magic users in the game, his body is described as weak and frail. This poor physical health was apparently a mark of shame on the Black Sun and his family. He personally considered himself hideous, and there are no statues honoring him like there are with his father and sister.

Unlike Gwyndolin’s serpentine legs, however, fans usually have a good idea why this is the case. Although this may be the result of his serpentine mutations, his father Gwyn was an abusive parent who looked down upon his child at every turn. Compared to many potential gods in power over Lordran, Gwyndolin hides behind illusions and diversions. Made unworthy of the sunlight, he lives in the shade, a seclusion that has almost certainly contributed to his weak constitution.

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He endured to be eaten alive

dark souls iii - aldrich

Despite Gwyndolin’s poor health, the boy is nonetheless Gwyn’s son. As such, it takes a lot of work to bring it down for good. In Dark Souls III, the Dark Sun returns as the victim of Aldrich, the Devourer of Gods. It’s unclear how long the monstrous Saint of the Deep has been consuming it, but the future prince is clearly half-eaten by the time the player character finds them both.

Despite this horrific state of affairs, it is implied that Gwyndolin is still alive in one form or another. While Aldrich is clearly in control, the moans and screams emanating from his body seem to come from his meal. Indeed, he’s at least conscious enough to dream again, allowing Aldrich to search for his memories and learn abilities like the Scythe of life hunting. Gwyndolin cannot be saved from this hideous fate, but Aldrich’s end will free both of their terrible existences.

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His lunar blessings can make him the most powerful god

dark souls - gwyndolin

Lord Gwyn was not the nicest father. Being an emotionally abusive control freak, it’s no wonder her son turned out to be a secret wreck of a god. The power of the moon was strong in Gwyndolin’s body and, since Gwyn considered it non-masculine, he avoided the boy at every turn. However, if Gwyn had learned to appreciate the power of this son’s lunar blessing, he might have had an unstoppable assassin or master spy by his side.

Gwyndolin’s powers give him such a mastery of illusions that he can cause his father’s capital, long taken by Darkness, to appear in all its glory. He can manifest perfect replicas of the greatest warriors and deities in the realm. He can hide from the world and operate without anyone knowing he was there. With that and his powerful witchcraft in mind, Gwyn should have been thankful that this son never rebelled. After all, how can you fight an opponent you don’t even see coming?

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