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New York police officer who died days after brutal shooting in Harlem saved five lives after organ donation, says LiveOnNYthe organization that facilitated the donation.

Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, donated his heart, liver, both kidneys and pancreas to five patients in need of vital organ transplants, LiveOnNY president and CEO says , Leonard Achan, in a press release.

Mora was one of the two officers died as a result of the shooting.

“LiveOnNY can now confirm that through the generosity of NYPD Officer Mora and his family with their heroic organ donation donation, 5 people who were waiting for a heart, liver, two kidneys and a pancreas have been saved” , said Achan.

The donations were given to three people in New York and two out of state based on the medical urgency of the patients’ status, according to Achan.

“We are humbled and honored to be stewards of these gifts on behalf of Officer Mora and his family so that others may live on,” Achan said.

Mora and Officer Jason Rivera, 22, were fatally shot Friday when a suspected shooter opened fire at a Harlem apartment, authorities said. Rivera died the night of the shooting.

The suspect, Lashawn McNeil, attempted to flee but was confronted and shot by a third officer at the scene and died a few days later, police said.

Rivera’s wake was held Thursday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and his funeral is scheduled for Friday.


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