Democrats fail common sense test


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Where are all the real democrats? Because the regime that came to the top does not represent me. Apparently the mass hysteria that has gripped most of them about climate change – not global warming anymore – has robbed them of the ability to think critically. Moving 500,000 pounds of dirt to build a car battery that must be replaced and disposed of at a cost of up to $20,000, then charged with an electric grid that uses 60% fossil fuels.

Isn’t there a test of common sense somewhere that one should have to pass? If electricity is so great, why don’t we all have electric heating?

We are a blink and a blink away from nuclear fusion, and nuclear energy technology is now available. If we had used the $7 trillion in new money for this, we would all have inflation of 8.5%. But we would have free electricity. Maybe this year we should vote red.

Kevin Davis


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