Denzel Washington Says ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Incident Was ‘Nothing’


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36 minutes ago

Denzel Washington sets the record straight on his time as a director on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

After Ellen Pompeo hits the headlines with a story about a fight with the guest director during the show, he responds with his side of the story.

Asked by E! News if the story was overblown, the actor replied, “Yes. It was nothing, really.

He laughed and said he was “trying to be” a class act and certainly thought he was “in it”.

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In Season 12 of the show, the legendary guest actor directed the episode “The Sound of Silence.” Pompeo claimed on his podcast “Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo” that the director was not satisfied with her attempt to improvise a line.

“I was like, ‘Look at me when you’re apologizing. Look at me,'” she recalled yelling at an actor during the scene. “And it wasn’t in the dialogue. And Denzel went ham on my a**. He was like, ‘I’m the manager. Don’t tell him what to do.’

Washington previously reacted to the story in an interview with Variety.

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“No, no,” he replied when asked if he remembered that day. Then, smiling, he added: “But everything is fine.”

Despite the argument, the rest of the shoot went off without a hitch, though these days he’d rather someone else direct — at least in his marriage.

“I’m led by my wife,” Washington joked. “I’ve been cut from this movie many times, [but] she hasn’t replaced me yet!


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