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An indigenous defense fighter plane parked in Penghu takes off on an emerging mission after news of China’s violation of ADIZ.

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Senior director of the US think tank Project 2049 Institute, Ian Easton, has urged facilitating direct communication between the United States and Taiwan to resolve tensions.

Easton, who has been following the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) as it sends increasing numbers of military planes into Taiwan’s ADIZ, is concerned about the implications behind the activities.

On Sunday (October 3) he took Twitter to post: “What is driving the aggressive behavior of the PRC?” Does Xi Jinping perceive American and Taiwanese weakness? Is he seeking to rally mass support – and / or distract from something that is happening in China? Or is it just the good weather for extraordinarily large aerial exercises in the Taiwan Strait? “

He said Taiwan’s often old jet fighters mean the country’s air force is under pressure due to frequent military exits from China. Easton also disapproved of US President Joe Biden’s decision to communicate only with Chinese leader Xi Jinping (ç¿’è¿‘å¹³).

“If there is one thing the last 40 years of US-PRC relations show, it is that the quiet ‘private conversations’ about Taiwan are great for the Chinese Communist Party, terrible for the United States. United. Dictatorships thrive in the dark. Liberal democracies don’t, ”he wrote in another article.

As Taiwan and its democratic allies stand ready to face more conflict, Easton said the escalation is “made more likely by the collective reluctance of their leaders to defend Taiwan within the international community and deal with it on the base. equality and respect ”.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary and government spokesman Matsuno Hirokazu also responded to China’s frequent intrusions into Taiwan’s ADIZ on Tuesday (October 5th). He is quoted by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation as saying that Japan’s position on Taiwan-related issues remains the same, and he hopes the parties involved can resolve the issue peacefully through direct dialogue.



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