Dive into Angelo State’s Department of Communications and Mass Media


(KLST/KSAN) – At Angelo State University, students not only study the theories and concepts that come with communications and mass media, but also gain hands-on experience.

“So when we talk about radio, they walk into a radio booth and they do it,” Ram TV’s Donald Plachno said. “When we talk about TV, they go into their own TV channel, they come out on remote controls. They do live broadcasts for sports. It’s not something you would see at a normal college of this size.

Plachno said the students host their own feeds and news directly from the studios.

“We’re paying students to go ahead and work at RAMTV, and so are we with the athletic department,” Plachno said. “We do RAMTV Sports in conjunction with the LoneStar Conference. We do a streaming service for them, where we provide the cameras, the bodies, the training, everything and we also broadcast cable channel 6 for the locals, so it’s pretty much and all around kind of a gig here.

Tony Blair of Ram Radio said students had the opportunity to use their creativity and come up with topics for their shows.

“Students do shows on all sorts of things, from gambling to politics to animal science and all of the above,” Blair said.

Blair said Comm and Mass Media said students have an advantage at Angelo State because of the school’s size.

“The teacher-to-student ratio is low, so we get to know all of our students and guide them from their first year to their senior year,” Blair said.

Students have the opportunity to build their resume and reels while still in school.

“We have students who come here, say freshman and say they do sports broadcasting, they can graduate 3-4 years later and say I have over 100 games under my belt,” Plachno said. “Camera, play-by-play, color, instant replay, staging. They can do anything here.

Earning a degree with hands-on experience could land students a job in the industry sooner rather than later.

“And they have a lot of opportunities here in San Angelo in this radio and television market, we can get them jobs pretty easily in the area, and they can get some real-world experience while doing their classes here in the ASU.” Blair said.

Angelo State University is hosting an open house for the Department of Communications and Mass Media. Students will have the chance to not only tour the campus, but also the studios where the students produce the student-run newspaper, radio shows, and news broadcasts.

Students will also have the opportunity to speak to a panel of communications and mass media alumni at the April 29 open house. Students have until April 22 to register. The seats are limited. For the link to register, click here.

This event will include:

  • Information sessions regarding programs and courses leading to a degree in communication and mass media.
    • Communication specializations include film/new media and advertising/public relations.
    • Mass media specializations include advertising/public relations, journalism, and broadcast media.
    • You can also earn a secondary education certification in communications or mass media.
  • Visits to Ram TV, Ram Page and Ram Radio.
  • A panel of communications and mass media alumni.
  • A look at the work of current students within the department.
  • A tour of the ASU campus.

Lunch to be included for participating students.


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