Do real doctors like Grey’s Anatomy?


ABC’s medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy celebrates the lives of medical professionals, but what do the real doctors on the show think?

ABC’s long-running medical drama television series, Grey’s Anatomy, remains one of today’s most popular and highest-rated shows. Currently in its 18th season, fans of Grey’s Anatomy are as passionate today as they were when the series began. However, as a television series that celebrates medical professionals, what do real doctors think of Grey’s Anatomy?

Many physicians pointed out that the unprofessional portrayal of physicians and unrealistic medical practice significantly distracted them from the visual experience. Whether it’s casual encounters in the on-call room, doctors doing the work of nurses, or inexperienced residents proudly performing an unfamiliar procedure, doctors have found Grey’s Anatomy “unrelated” and “ridiculous”. Their attention to detail also plays an important role. “What drives me crazy while watching the show is when they put their stethoscope on upside down!” Dr. Gail Saltz said purewow“Historically, hookups happened occasionally in duty rooms, but the show makes it seem like it happens all the time.”

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Health professionals are also concerned about Grey’s Anatomyon public perception of health care due to the show’s popularity. Although most adult viewers know the difference between fiction and non-fiction, one study found an association between the perceived credibility and the doctor’s courage and how television viewing Grey’s Anatomy can affect patient perception. A case study by Kaiser Family Foundation also found that 45% of all regular viewers learned new information about health issues from the show, and 87% thought the medical information presented on the show was “very” or “fairly” accurate.

“Patient satisfaction is a big deal these days. It’s become a measure of quality,” said Dr. Jordan Weinberg, medical director of trauma at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix. AZ. “If there is a real gap between [expectation and reality], this makes it a relatively poor experience for the patient. This turns into a bad experience for nurses and doctors trying to care for this patient who is feeling very frustrated. Dr. Jordan wasn’t the only one worried about shows like Grey’s Anatomy’s deceptive effect on the public. Dr. Alexandra Chabrerie, primary care physician and Harvard University faculty member, also expressed similar concern to Atlantic“I’m not sure these TV shows really build empathy for the doctor.”

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However, despite the show’s unrealistic aspects, many doctors enjoy the juicy medical drama and entertainment. Many have also remained loyal viewers over the years. When the pandemic shook the world, Grey’s Anatomy took a turn as the first medical drama to incorporate the actual pandemic into the storyline. Grey’s Anatomy’s medical expert, ER doctor, writer, and executive producer Zoanne Clack has been on the show since season one. Talk with The Hollywood Reporter, she insisted that the exhibit would attempt to capture the reality of frontline medical workers, shine a light and raise awareness about the pandemic through the show’s influence. Despite the minor details that the series got wrong, real health workers were grateful for Grey’s Anatomy’s continued support and efforts to educate the public about COVID-19 and health care.

Grey’s Anatomy brought viewers hundreds of hours of stories between patients and doctors at Grey/Sloan Memorial Hospital. As a television series, it leaned heavily on the dramatic depiction of the personal lives of surgeons and rare diseases, but Grey’s Anatomy also asked tough questions and educated society. Doctors’ views on the show reveal the misperceptions some viewers may have after watching Grey’s Anatomy. Hearing what the doctors say about the show also reassures viewers that the healthcare providers care about the details and the medical information conveyed, even the dramas.

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