Does a Big 3 model still make sense for the Lakers?


The Lakers keep coming back into conversations around Kyrie Irving, most certainly as a leverage play, but it’s a silly season and he’s one of the most unpredictable athletes in recent memory, so the “I Love Basketball” is ready to entertain groundless speculation.

Considering Irving is probably the best possible player the Lakers will be tied with this offseason, Raj was more than ready to explain how exactly the playmaker would work in Los Angeles and why the basketball fit would be sublime – whenever Irving feels up to playing.

Sabreena was fully prepared to pour cold water on any overzealousness given concerns about Irving’s personality and the capping mechanisms to get Irving into a trade. The two then spent time debating whether the Lakers should continue to chase the big game or whether it made sense to build depth alongside their two existing stars.

After that, Raj and Sabreena got into the business of Jerami Grant and what that means for the value of first-round picks in this market – and in what is becoming a weekly tradition, they compare Grant to Andrew Wiggins. They end with some thoughts on the NBA draft, why the Lakers really need to buy at least one pick in this year’s draft, and express some nostalgia for all the young Lakers who got away.

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