EDITORIAL: Let kindness and common sense prevail with COVID


The lines have been drawn for months. The information is readily available. It is now a matter of personal choice. Lectures, name calling, shame and political rhetoric do little to change opinions.

What will prevail against the COVID pandemic? Kindness and common sense.

It’s time to stop fighting in the media and on social media. Sensational quotes from one political leader to another do not change public opinion. Posting derogatory comments on a social media wall rarely changes opinions.

We are in desperate need of kindness. Be kind and talk to each other nicely. Kentuckians are exhausted and devoid of having to make decisions and deal with the changes and uncertainties caused by the pandemic. Kindness would help us on the road to recovery.

Another step on the road to recovery is common sense. The best decisions are those made closest to home. This pandemic has caused widespread hardship, but the hardships have not been equal. One community faced challenges that were not encountered in the neighboring community. Local leaders know how to react and should be trusted to do what is best for their community.

Local decision-making will help governments, school systems, churches and other organizations find their way through the pandemic. National, state-wide and, to some extent, regional decisions are much less effective than wise leadership at the local level. Local leaders know their community and are in the best position to lead it.

We all want the pandemic to pass. Kindness and common sense will help us be the neighbors we should be. We might even find that they will heal even more than a virus.


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