Elden Ring’s Biggest Mystery Isn’t the Erdtree, It’s the Goats


Amidst the towering abominations and magical wonders of the Middle Lands are the goats of the Elden Ring, stealthy animals with hidden power.

Ring of EldenThe world of Lands Between has a giant golden tree growing from its center and dozens of other fantastical monsters and grotesque abominations, but why do goats always roll around like that? They’re just normal goats, or at least they seem to be, until they get spooked by something (usually a tarnish), and decide the best evasive maneuver is to curl up into a ball and to roll end to end. The Erdtree and the cosmic mysteries of the Elden Ring can wait, players need a thorough explanation of the game’s rolling goats.

The disappearance of Ring of EldenQueen Marika the Eternal may have left the Midlands in ruins, but the grasslands of Limgrave are apparently the perfect habitat for cloven-hoofed mammals with a preference for odd locomotion. If messages left by other Terni are to be believed, rolling goats are actually a breed of dog, but they are nothing like the slow, shelled hounds, or the large pack dogs that haul tradesmen’s goods. . The problem with conducting a zoological study of goats is that they are nearly impossible to observe from a reasonably close distance as they seem incredibly antisocial.


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As far as (admittedly lacking) sightings go, the goats appear to have no natural predators, with the possible exception of Soulslike veterans who mistakenly believed they were reincarnations of dark souls‘ Bonewheel Skeletons. Easily found just outside the Cave of Knowledge, goats are among the Ring of Eldenthe early secrets of the game. They’re pretty harmless, but aren’t very hardy, which makes their survival in the Lands Between all the more impressive. They don’t stand up well to a strike from a flail or really any of the Ring of Eldensorceries.

Elden Ring goats are a zoological marvel

The rolling goats of Elden Ring are unfavorable to encounters with the Terni

Goats rolling in Ring of Elden logically shouldn’t exist, much like some of the other harmless fauns that FromSoftware has cruelly programmed into the game only to be hunted for their various materials. In terms of square footage, the land between exists on a relatively small island, inhabited by unspeakable horrors like tentacled ground octopuses and giant crabs capable of crushing both a tarnish and their spectral steed with a big fleshy claw. With all those deadly creatures and Godrick’s crazed soldiers, it’s a wonder the goats didn’t go extinct.

The Erdtree is clearly magical, with its shiny, unnatural size, but a magical spring must also feed the goats. Ring of Elden canned dark soulsThe themes are alive with the inclusion of constantly rolling creatures, but the unstoppable tumbling of the goats seems like a physical impossibility. They can start from a standstill, and hills mean nothing for their seemingly limitless kinetic energy. FromSoftware is usually so diligent about dropping hints about the nature of its worlds, but there are no item descriptions or half-crazy ramblings of an NPC to shed some light on the utterly inexplicable phenomenon of Ring of Eldenroll the goats.

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