Ellen Pompeo Offers Her Pick For Best Grey’s Anatomy Moment Ever


As the star of the show, it makes sense that Ellen Pompeo spent time reflecting on her favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” moments. During an interview with entertainment tonight, the actress revealed two of her top picks. Amazingly, both take place in Season 2. The first occurs in the season premiere, “The Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head,” which picks up where the previous season left off. The narrative mainly centers on the breakup of Meredith Gray and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) after the unexpected arrival of his wife, Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh). Despite the dramatic reveal, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) isn’t doing too well either. She tries to overcome her tangled relationship with Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), a situation complicated by the fact that she is pregnant.

Cristina’s only true love is her job, so she decides to have an abortion. After the dust settles, Cristina and Meredith take a minute to assess their lives. Cristina admits she needed to designate an emergency contact person, so she gave them Meredith’s name. “You are my person,” she tells Meredith, which has remained one of Pompeo’s favorite interactions (via Youtube). It’s a line the characters repeat to each other frequently, a pithy expression of love that perfectly encapsulates their friendship. The scene confirms what the first season showed: no matter what challenges come their way, Meredith and Cristina will always stick together.


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